Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Our Home

Pretoria South Africa rachelandchris@gmail.com

One thing about Africa that really excites me is that Rachel and I will have our own home. It has been over 2 years, Wow. Being on the road in a RV has been nice, but it's not the feeling of home. The basement (which was a huge blessing and I in no means saying that we did not love staying with the Hancocks or that we didn't appreciate them letting us live there for next to nothing.) just did not offer the feeling of "home" that we were really wanting.

As some of you know, Rachel and I were preparing to buy a house where ever we were to move next. When my aunt Pat died in November of 2003, she left us some money that helped us get out of debt and gave us a little extra to put down on a house. We had no idea that the next place we would move would be to South Africa. However, when we committed to moving there we looked at the housing market and got a really good deal on a new home being built in a neighborhood called Dane Hill. So we got one. It is a nice, little 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a 2 car garage and a little yard. It's the American dream. That is if the American dream is to move to a third world country and buy a house with bars on the window, but whatever.

So here it is, our home, our first home. I can not wait until November 1st when we get to finally have a place that is just for the two of us.


Daren said...

Congrats on the new place! When you work back in the states again someday, you are going to have a whale of a commute. Love Yas.

Jaans said...

My dearest friends, how amazing!!! The brown winter sand on which your house it getting built will be the place you call home in a few months!!! I'm very proud of both of you and know God will keep you guys save! Ek is lief vir julle. I'm PROUD that you are not scared to answer Gods calling. Jani

bethany said...

hey guys I am so glad you are blogging, cant wait to hear about all your adventures

Mandy said...

i'm so excited that you're blogging too! i love blogging! i'm glad we'll be able to keep in touch this way and we all can hear about your adventures in S.A.!

peace out friends!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Rachel,
You know I love Southern Africa. My heart is going with you! Please keep in touch. Thanks for this site... it is great to see what you are doing and pixs of where you will be!

Love ya, Jayne Linda (Cap.City CC)

Elsabe said...

VIVA SUID AFRIKA! You'll understand when you get there! I'm excited for you about this new journey that's around the corner.
Enjoy all of it!

c u in SA!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you guys to get here! We are looking forward. The winter is almost over. We had our first rain yesterday, which means spring is around the corner. One of these days it's rugby, biltong, bier and braaivleis. Luv ya
Pieter and Este

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris and Rachel!!!
Wuts up? I hope you guyz have fun in Africa and i hope you like it. Im going to miss you guys.I already havent seen you for like 3 years!!! And I really really miss you guys!!! me and Sarah both! Well when you get a chance stop by and see us plez here in NC. I will start sending you guys E-mails and plez send me bak some too.Well take care
I Love You Guys!!!
Yur cuz,

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris and Rachel!!
Its your cousin Sarah. I'm so happy that you guys found a place that you guys like! I hope that you guys have alot of fun in South Africa! I love you house, its "purty"!I am going to be e-mailing you guys in a little while!!! Much love!
Your young cousin, ~*Sarah*~

Gordy said...

Howdy Guys! How exciting to see things moving along so well. God has certainly blessed you in this mission, and I can't wait to see the fruits. Way to go!!

Kelly Belly said...

hi chris and rachel,
although i'm very scared for you, i'm also very proud of you. this is a big step and not many people would be brave enough to do it. i love you very very much, and i hope you have a good time with suzy and tim. and a safe trip over there!! and there for that matter.
your baby sister