Friday, September 26, 2008


I am taking some of our high school staffers to Scottsdale this weekend for a leadership conference thing led by Hope International University. I think it will be a nice weekend for the guys going.

In addition to taking the guys down there, Herrington, my boss, and I are leading worship for the event on Sunday Morning.

Hopefully Ray will be able to join us Saturday night after she gets off of work. Its a fancy hotel, so you know.....word up. Cheers.


A New Baby.

Our really close friends Tim and Suzy just had their first child, Oscar Elijah Bomgardner. Suzy and Rachel grew up together in Savannah and its so great to see they have a healthy little boy. I can't wait to meet him in person.

Tim and Suzy, we are so excited for you both and we love you guys.


New Survivor! I always love it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Art Community.

I found a great online art website called
Cool art from around the world, check it out.

Back Home.

Lived it up in San Diego, here's a few pics, will have more later this weekend.

We swam and surfed and body boarded and went to Sea World and toured a aircraft carrier and ate a ton of candy and bought a hat, but of all these cool things we did I loved doing mundane, everyday tasks in a wetsuit and surfing with by buddy Tye.

Drinking coffee in a wetsuit.

Doing dishes in a wetsuit.

Cleaning the toilet in a wetsuit.

Tye waxing up his board.

Heading down to the beach.

Riding the ocean.

Tye catching a wave. Notice the massive death wave behind him, we avoided those.

Tye and I celebrating a nice long ride. Right after this was taken I crashed on my face.

Vacation food at its best. Breakfasts and lunches.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Heart of a Man.

I have always heard that you can really get to know who someone is by watching them in a really stressful situation, like financial strain or being mistreated at work etc. Well, I think that is garbage. If you want to know who someone is deep in their heart watch them get stung by a bee.

Last Sunday I found out that at the core of who I am I must be a foul-mouthed little girl. Ray and I were coming out Wal-Mart and when I hopped in the Jeep I brushed something off my shirt with my thumb and then all of a sudden this hell-fire pain shot in the inside joint on my left thumb. When this happened I unleashed a high volume, high pitched swear word that I can't even post here (but it was 'F'oul, wink). It just happened, all reaction. It hurt so bad.

So I lived through my first bee sting (I think it was my first). Then today I was walking around camp closing up after a guest group and got stung again on my back, are you freaking joking me? however, I would like to say today I took the sting with more dignity and no obscenity. No swearing or yelling, just an understanding of what was going on. I hate bees now. Cheers.


Home Sick?

I'm really missing SA this week, I don't know why. Maybe its because I know my good friends are having a rough time or maybe just because I would love to have some All Gold tomato sauce or some biltong and Squiggly Pops from Fish Aways.

I was just looking at a satellite image of SA and followed the highways around and found different places I had been. Made me really miss it; the people, places, our house, my old job, Re:Verb, my old gym, rugby, Dros, cheap Menlyn movies, adventure camp, Donkerhoek (Mooi Plaas), the band shack, cool money, the metric system, Bafana Bafana, slow internet (just kidding). So many memories. Cheers.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Haha, awesome!

Jacques-Louis 8.27.08-09.09.08

My heart is so hurt by this news. I was in California for a few days without internet or cell coverage and I just got the news when we got home tonight. I don't even know how to communicate what I feel. I guess its just an extremely sadness for my really good friends that I love and care for so deeply.

Flaps and Amanda, if there is anything Ray or I can do for you please know we will do out best to do it for you. I love you guys.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Staff Retreat and Flaps.

Our staff is going to Forest Home camp in California for the next few days. Be back on Wednesday.

Please keep praying for Jacques-Louis. Flaps said that he is stable, but his kidneys are still not working right and his heart is still swollen and they can't close up the chest.

Please also pray for Flaps and Amanda, they are spending a fortune driving down to the hospital every day, plus other out of hospital expenses. If you would like to help them out financially email me and I will find out how to get it to them. Thanks.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Ron Burgundy: Discovered by The Germans in 1904, They Named it San Diego, Which of Course in German Means a Whale's Vagina.

Ray and I are going to San Diego with our friends, Tye and Jenn Jones, a week from Monday. They rented a beach condo and invited us to go party with them and you know what? When friends invite you to a go. We are so excited.

Ray and I have never been on a beach vacation since we've been married so its time. Tye and I will rent surfboards and spend all week in the water flopping around like shark bait and Jenn and Ray will spend all day getting sunburned. How much fun is that?

It can't come fast enough.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby Update.

Heres an update from Flaps' blog.

Flaps Van Der Merwe wrote at 12:57pm

This mornings visit went GREAT. Riccardo and Maria joined us. Though Riccardo thought the hospital is just a nice mall. Jacques-Louis looks GREAT. They say his condition is as good as possible at this point. Very stable. They reminded me that it is still important that his hearts reduces in swelling and that closing up his chest goes smoothly.

Only thereafter are we out of danger. But they also said the fact that he got through the heart machine transition so smoothly is something to be thankful for! You’re telling me! I took a great video of his heart. You must see it! It should be up any time now.

People are supporting us from South Africa, America, Swaziland, UK, and all over - random people we don’t even know! Thank you so much! May our little boy bring the world much joy one day.

Here is a link to a video Flaps made in the hospital, its amazing. You can see Jacques-Louis' heart beating on its own.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jacques-Louis is off the machines.

Here's what Flaps wrote on his blog about Jacques-Louis.

He made it! He is off the heart machine!

He’s heart is weak, struggling, to do it’s work, but it’s pumping…

Pray for his blood pressure to stabilize!

Pray that the platelets will do it’s job!

It is important that he does not bleed to much now!

Next 48-hours is crucial!

Let’s cover him with our prayers.


Jacques-Louis Update.

Flaps has posted new info on his sons blog here. He posted a video of Jacques-Louis, his heart is beating strong in the video which is really good. He says that the will be taking him off the machines and hopefully his heart will work nice and strong, Jacques-Louis was on only 15% machine help anyways.

Check the blog for updates if you are interested in whats going on with them.


Monday, September 01, 2008


My friends, Flaps and Amanda, just had their second son a few days ago, but he needs your prayers. I am not sure of all the details (we are trying to get any info online that we can), but here is a blog that Flaps has set up for his son;

Please be praying for Jacques-Louis. Cheers.