Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jana's New Blog.

Rachel's mom, Jana, starting crocheting when she moved to Saudi Arabia and has really started to love it. She has a new blog where she will show the things she has been making. They really are well made. Check it out here.

Movie Night.

Ray and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and we both loved it. I think its a great story and the execution of the story is amazing. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett both did great jobs playing the different stages of life. Plus, the make up artists did a fantastic job making them look the ages they were playing. Check it out. Cheers.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ray and I had a great Christmas at home in AZ this year. We both agree that a winter Christmas is waaaaayyyyyyy better than our summer African ones the past 3 years. However, we didn't have a white Christmas like we thought we would, instead we had a rainy, muddy, cold, nasty Christmas. Oh well.

We got up and opened our presents this morning. Ray got a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff from me, including a sweet new robe. Plus she got some great gift cards, scarf and nice nativity scene candle things from her family.

I got some Jeep stuff, WOOHOO! A Daystar dash panel to hold cell phone and other sundries. I also got some grab handles, a little took kit and flashlight to keep in the Jeep. Besides Jeep stuff I got a couple Xbox games, a sweet hat (kind of like the one in the link, Ray hates these hats, hahaha) and a couple of gift cards from family and friends.

It was a nice Christmas. I hope you all had a great holiday and have a wonderful new year. Cheers.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tis the Season to be Merry....Thats my name....

Christmas Eve is a great night. Ray and I went to church and on the way home picked up some sushi and some Red Truck and then made a fire and watched some Christmas Vacation. Doesn't get better than that. Cheers.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Diamond Dave.

I think this is so funny that I cracked up on my couch, alone, until I starting coughing. I hope you find enjoyment in it.

South Africans that see this site may have no idea what is going on....just a warning.

Beans, I think you will appreciate this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My friend's, Justin Unger, song, "In You Alone," is up for Song Discovery Independent Song of the Year. You can help by voting; follow the link below to vote (Justin is the 9th song listed in the first category).


He's the worship leader at the church Ray and I go to. I also get to play with him so it would be cool if he won this award. Cheers.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let it Snow.

We are getting our first real snow over the next few days, I love when it snows. Cheers.


Friday, December 12, 2008


Heres whats been going on with us.

-My best friend, Chad (and his wife), came to visit for his 30th bday. We had a blast hanging with them, hadn't seen him since 2005.

-I'm learning to work with After Effects and I love it/ hate it when I can't figure out what I am doing.

-The worship leader at church, Justin Unger, has a couple of albums out and I am getting to play electric guitar for him for a couple of shows coming up. Thats going to be fun.

-Ray and I got a Xbox 360.

-Its supposed to snow in a few days, I hope we get a couple of inches at least.

-Ray is kicking butt at work, I am so proud of her.

-I love Christmas time!

-I love my Jeep! I'm getting a little lift and she's gonna look sweet!

-Rachel and I have met some cool friends in town, that neither of us work with, and its fun getting to know new folks.

-I'm so lazy and can't get motivated to work out.

-I am in love with eggnog.

Thats about it. Cheers.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coyne's Cancer.

My friend David had some skin cancer removed from his eyebrow the other day. He went today and had it stitched up and everything went well. He has some great shots of the piece that was removed from eyebrow, check it out here. Cheers.


Friday, November 14, 2008


Our friend Megan made this pic of Guinness on Facebook, its great.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Down, 1 To Go.

Ray is still in the certification process to be a banker at Chase and today she passed her second test that she needs to be licensed. She had to drive up to Flagstaff for the test and there are a couple of youth ministers up there that we work with so I got to go along and have a couple of meetings while she was taking her test.

She has one more test and then she starts her training for her position. I am so proud of her and the work she is doing. Right now all she does is study, all day, every day. I know she can't wait to be done with studying and start being a banker. Congrats Ray Ray. Cheers.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad but True.

A fun video from beyondrelevance.com about how silly church can be at times. I love the crappy logo with the diamond plate background, classic. Cheers.


First Snow.

We got a tiny bit of snow this evening. Its cold out today, but its supposed to warm back up this week. Ray and I drove up to a higher elevation tonight to see how much they got and it was a couple of inches. Cool. Cheers.



I have always wanted to learn how to ride BMX and yesterday morning I took a bike down to our local skate park to teach myself how to ride the ramps and bowls. IT WAS AWESOME!

The bike rides so smooth and its great riding up and down the ramps, around the tight bowls and jumping the jumps. I was too chicken to drop in to a quarter pipe.

So today I went to another park in Prescott Valley and taught myself to drop into the quarter pipe, I was so freaked, but made it no problem. Then right before I left I tried one last time and crashed on my head and elbow, I wasn't hurt, but I saw the most beautiful starts. Haha. Cheers.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proud to be an American.

I am excited about what happened last night in the election, congratulations Mr. Obama.

I know that people tried to not speak about or even acknoledge publicly the fact that Obama was a black man and I am proud of America for that. We as a country have come so far that we aloud policy and hope to guide us rather than the color of a candidates skin.

In Obama's acceptance speach he spoke about a 106 year old black lady that voted and he talked about all the changes that she had seen in her life and how far we have come from when she when born (a gereration out of slavery). It gave me goose bumps and made so proud to be an American.

Is racism over? No. However, I am hoping that this sets us on a path that allows people to be seen as people and not as the color of their skin. As a man or woman rather than a black man, white man, asian woman, hispanic woman etc. We can, hopefully, all just be the people that God created us to be.

Do I agree with all his policies, no. However, I do think he does have the ability to unite this country if people will allow him. I don't think everyone will, but I hope and pray they can, so this country can continue to be the greatest country on earth.

Congratulations Mr. Obama and I pray God gives you the wisdom and strength to lead our beautiful country through the next 4 years and beyond. Cheers.


Heres Obama's speech.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!

I am so excited that its election day!

I have been watching and debating and praying and thinking about this election for so long that I am so pumped that its finally happening today. I remember watching the 2004 election in the Traveling Mercies RV in a campground in California so I look forward to sitting up late, getting a bottle of wine and enjoying watching this thing unfold.

Right now I am babysitting, my friends, the Herrington's, kids while they go vote. How cool that we live in a place where we can openly elect our leaders. God bless America.

Go Vote.


Saturday, November 01, 2008


90's music rules!

I realize every generation believes that the music they listened to in high school was the greatest, but all other generations can kiss my Beck/Joan Osborne/STP/Pearl Jam/Alanis Morsette/Rage/3rd Eye Blind/Couting Crows/Nirvana/Everclear loving rear. Palabra.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Back.

I miss you all and I am now returning to my blogging roots, like a prodigal that misses the comforts and love of his home, I return with a tear in my eye and desire to be accepted as I once was. Or whatever.

I don't know why I haven't been blogging, I just haven't. Maybe my life feels so much slower than it used to that I don't feel that I have anything to write about. Or maybe because I'm not working in such a creative environment that I don't feel like I have new ideas of things to write about. I don't know, either way, I am back.

I started my basic Tri training 2 weeks ago and now I am starting to try to ramp it up. Been swimming and running, need to get some miles on the bike in. However, its going well and I look forward to December 6th.

Rachel is taking her series 6 test tomorrow. She needs this to be a banker at Chase. Shes stressed, but I think she will do well. Shes really been working her tail off getting ready for the test. Please pray she does well and can relax a little after its done. Cheers.


Friday, October 10, 2008


I have been such a crappy blogger over the past several weeks, I am sorry.

A ton has been going on, but at this moment at my desk I can't think of a single thing that has happened. I will try to compile a list and let you know.

I am going to be doing another tri in Dec. For you who don't know I did a tri in South Africa last year, it was awesome! Since moving back to the States I've been wanting to do one, so now I am. Its a short 'sprint' tri in Phoenix December 6th. I will start training on Monday, thats 9 weeks out. I trained for 5 weeks for the one last year, so this should be nicer for me. I plan on spending the first couple of weeks just getting back into being active and then get on it until the race. Cheers.


Friday, September 26, 2008


I am taking some of our high school staffers to Scottsdale this weekend for a leadership conference thing led by Hope International University. I think it will be a nice weekend for the guys going.

In addition to taking the guys down there, Herrington, my boss, and I are leading worship for the event on Sunday Morning.

Hopefully Ray will be able to join us Saturday night after she gets off of work. Its a fancy hotel, so you know.....word up. Cheers.


A New Baby.

Our really close friends Tim and Suzy just had their first child, Oscar Elijah Bomgardner. Suzy and Rachel grew up together in Savannah and its so great to see they have a healthy little boy. I can't wait to meet him in person.

Tim and Suzy, we are so excited for you both and we love you guys.


New Survivor! I always love it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Art Community.

I found a great online art website called spraygraphic.com
Cool art from around the world, check it out.

Back Home.

Lived it up in San Diego, here's a few pics, will have more later this weekend.

We swam and surfed and body boarded and went to Sea World and toured a aircraft carrier and ate a ton of candy and bought a hat, but of all these cool things we did I loved doing mundane, everyday tasks in a wetsuit and surfing with by buddy Tye.

Drinking coffee in a wetsuit.

Doing dishes in a wetsuit.

Cleaning the toilet in a wetsuit.

Tye waxing up his board.

Heading down to the beach.

Riding the ocean.

Tye catching a wave. Notice the massive death wave behind him, we avoided those.

Tye and I celebrating a nice long ride. Right after this was taken I crashed on my face.

Vacation food at its best. Breakfasts and lunches.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Heart of a Man.

I have always heard that you can really get to know who someone is by watching them in a really stressful situation, like financial strain or being mistreated at work etc. Well, I think that is garbage. If you want to know who someone is deep in their heart watch them get stung by a bee.

Last Sunday I found out that at the core of who I am I must be a foul-mouthed little girl. Ray and I were coming out Wal-Mart and when I hopped in the Jeep I brushed something off my shirt with my thumb and then all of a sudden this hell-fire pain shot in the inside joint on my left thumb. When this happened I unleashed a high volume, high pitched swear word that I can't even post here (but it was 'F'oul, wink). It just happened, all reaction. It hurt so bad.

So I lived through my first bee sting (I think it was my first). Then today I was walking around camp closing up after a guest group and got stung again on my back, are you freaking joking me? however, I would like to say today I took the sting with more dignity and no obscenity. No swearing or yelling, just an understanding of what was going on. I hate bees now. Cheers.


Home Sick?

I'm really missing SA this week, I don't know why. Maybe its because I know my good friends are having a rough time or maybe just because I would love to have some All Gold tomato sauce or some biltong and Squiggly Pops from Fish Aways.

I was just looking at a satellite image of SA and followed the highways around and found different places I had been. Made me really miss it; the people, places, our house, my old job, Re:Verb, my old gym, rugby, Dros, cheap Menlyn movies, adventure camp, Donkerhoek (Mooi Plaas), the band shack, cool money, the metric system, Bafana Bafana, slow internet (just kidding). So many memories. Cheers.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Haha, awesome!

Jacques-Louis 8.27.08-09.09.08

My heart is so hurt by this news. I was in California for a few days without internet or cell coverage and I just got the news when we got home tonight. I don't even know how to communicate what I feel. I guess its just an extremely sadness for my really good friends that I love and care for so deeply.

Flaps and Amanda, if there is anything Ray or I can do for you please know we will do out best to do it for you. I love you guys.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Staff Retreat and Flaps.

Our staff is going to Forest Home camp in California for the next few days. Be back on Wednesday.

Please keep praying for Jacques-Louis. Flaps said that he is stable, but his kidneys are still not working right and his heart is still swollen and they can't close up the chest.

Please also pray for Flaps and Amanda, they are spending a fortune driving down to the hospital every day, plus other out of hospital expenses. If you would like to help them out financially email me and I will find out how to get it to them. Thanks.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Ron Burgundy: Discovered by The Germans in 1904, They Named it San Diego, Which of Course in German Means a Whale's Vagina.

Ray and I are going to San Diego with our friends, Tye and Jenn Jones, a week from Monday. They rented a beach condo and invited us to go party with them and you know what? When friends invite you to a beach......you go. We are so excited.

Ray and I have never been on a beach vacation since we've been married so its time. Tye and I will rent surfboards and spend all week in the water flopping around like shark bait and Jenn and Ray will spend all day getting sunburned. How much fun is that?

It can't come fast enough.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby Update.

Heres an update from Flaps' blog.

Flaps Van Der Merwe wrote at 12:57pm

This mornings visit went GREAT. Riccardo and Maria joined us. Though Riccardo thought the hospital is just a nice mall. Jacques-Louis looks GREAT. They say his condition is as good as possible at this point. Very stable. They reminded me that it is still important that his hearts reduces in swelling and that closing up his chest goes smoothly.

Only thereafter are we out of danger. But they also said the fact that he got through the heart machine transition so smoothly is something to be thankful for! You’re telling me! I took a great video of his heart. You must see it! It should be up any time now.

People are supporting us from South Africa, America, Swaziland, UK, and all over - random people we don’t even know! Thank you so much! May our little boy bring the world much joy one day.

Here is a link to a video Flaps made in the hospital, its amazing. You can see Jacques-Louis' heart beating on its own. http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716272149&ref=ts&pub=2719290516#/video/video.php?v=33380842149


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jacques-Louis is off the machines.

Here's what Flaps wrote on his blog about Jacques-Louis.

He made it! He is off the heart machine!

He’s heart is weak, struggling, to do it’s work, but it’s pumping…

Pray for his blood pressure to stabilize!

Pray that the platelets will do it’s job!

It is important that he does not bleed to much now!

Next 48-hours is crucial!

Let’s cover him with our prayers.


Jacques-Louis Update.

Flaps has posted new info on his sons blog here. He posted a video of Jacques-Louis, his heart is beating strong in the video which is really good. He says that the will be taking him off the machines and hopefully his heart will work nice and strong, Jacques-Louis was on only 15% machine help anyways.

Check the blog for updates if you are interested in whats going on with them.


Monday, September 01, 2008


My friends, Flaps and Amanda, just had their second son a few days ago, but he needs your prayers. I am not sure of all the details (we are trying to get any info online that we can), but here is a blog that Flaps has set up for his son; http://www.13floor.net/jacques-louis/

Please be praying for Jacques-Louis. Cheers.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christian Artist Talent Search.

Wow, what an amazing show, not (in my best Borat timing).

Its just another example of Christians trying to do something that the secular world does so well (American Idol), but doing it so poorly that it makes Christians look like complete morons.

Then the judges don't say anything negative or critical about them, because Christians have to be 'nice' all the time. I think it may be a greater sin to tell some tool box that he's a great singer, rather than telling him it may be better for him to go try a different career path, like pressure washing or dental assistant.

Whatever, I'm guilty of this too, but this show is so damn corny. Oh well at least their trying. I suppose it would be a nice show to perform on because nobody will say bad stuff about you. Thats nice. Cheers.


They call the show CATS for short, that makes me angry.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday Night.

Our church has 4 services through the weekend, 1 on Saturday night and 3 on Sunday. They are trying to get people to hand out after church on Saturdays to play volleyball, but it hasn't really caught on. So Ray and threw a post church volleyball party and it was a blast. We invited friends from UCYC, the bank and a couple that we met at the dog park and most people showed up. It was a blast. We made guacamole and a couple Ray knows from the bank make salsa and brought chips and sodas, it was great.

So next week we want to kick it up a notch and bring out some grills and have a fun volleyball party and try to meet some new people. Cheers.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Sweet Guinness.

The dogs were out in their pen today and Rachel went out to bring them back in and when she got to the pen Guinness was wagging her tail and looking all proud. Then when Ray entered the pen she realized that Guinness had killed a chipmunk in her mouth. Its her first kill, we're so proud.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Link Fixed.

I fixed the link in the post from the other day to my get skinny blog, but here it is for all those interested. Chrisandchadgetskinny.wordpress.com

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time to Change.

I will continue to use this blog, but my friend Chad Brown and I have opened a new one to document our attempt to become skinny.

The site is chrisandchadgetskinny.wordpress.com We will document our transformations (hopefully) and you can marvel at how sexy and smooth we both have become. Cheers.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Theres Just Something about California.

There's just something about California.

I remember the first time I flew to California. It was 2002 and Traveling Mercies went to Palm Springs to perform at a Believe conference. It was such an awesome experience to be on the west coast for the first time. We flew into Ontario airport and drove a rented vehicle out to Palm Springs. What I remember most were the huge windmills, there are huge! Plus on the way back to the airport we stopped for In N Out......life changing.

After that show there were several other trips to California, each memorable in its own way. Jay Leno (where's that pic?), touching the Pacific for the first time, Flaps getting kicked out of a hotel, driving the length of Cali on route to Portland, California Mike, surfing, fish tacos, Rodeo Drive, freaking Knotts Berry Farm, RV catching fire (or something), watching the 2004 election in an RV park, the G Ride, Roscos Chicken and Waffles, hanging with DSM, Alfie, Walk of Fame, seeing the Hollywood sign from the RV window, filming in San Diego.

But, with all the trips and memories there were always staples.....In N Out and that feeling you always get in California that something rad could be just around the corner.

There's just something about California.

We visited a camp yesterday and had a great day. David, Aaron and I Flew out of PHX early into Burbank, drove up north an hour or so to Ojai Valley camp (or something like that). Its a cool place, laid back vibe, beautiful trees, carpet ball. We walked around, talked to some staff and campers and left. From the camp we went to the beach where we would surf and have a 'beach day', its near the Ventura pier if that means anything to you. I would have loved to have gone to the beach for camp when I was in high school, I mean you sign up for surf lessons as an afternoon rec activity. Sweet.

So we walked the beach, ate some sword fish and drove back to Burbank to catch our flight home. It was a really long day, but well spent. I think we will have a great high school week of camp there next summer.

When we were flying out I was looking down at all the houses and apartments and tried to imagine how many people were out there trying to 'make it' in the biz. I envied them a little, they had the guts to go for something that so many people fail at, but there's just something about California that makes people want to try to do something amazing. Cheers.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off to Cali.

I am at a friends house in PHX because we flying out in the morning to visit a camp in CA tomorrow, but right now his wife pulled out their wedding video. Its a nice video, but its still their wedding video. I really can't believe we are doing this right now. Aarons wife is getting all emotional, this may be one of the silliest things ever in my life. They are dancing right now in the video, its pretty bad. Oh, now its time for the best man speech. What a crappy speech. Its still going, cake cutting included, oh how cute.....they are smashing cake in each others faces.........precious.

I get home late tomorrow. Cheers.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End is Near.....On to New Things.

This summer is quickly coming to a close, 1 1/2 weeks to go. We have had week after week of camp, thousands of students, tons of food, quit a few stitches, its been a great summer. For me it has been really good because now I understand what we do so much more. It was so hard planning something that I have never done, but I really look forward to next summer with a year of experience under my belt.

As we are finishing summer we are working on our winter camps for Jan 2009. We are doing something new with all of our age groups and I think its going to be brilliant. So I hope we have much of that completed within the next 6 weeks so we can start working on next summers program. Things are exciting around here.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jeep in Sedona.

We have these awesome new friends named Shaun and Melissa that we met at the dog park several weeks ago. Since then we have gotten to hang out a lot and they are awesome. A couple of fun things about them:

1-They are our age, not super exciting, but still fun.

2-Shaun works in banking, so he and Ray always have a ton to talk about. Its funny because they were at competing banks so I aways hope they get in a big fist fight over interest rates or credit card reward programs or some other bank related topic, however its hasn't come to that yet. Oh I wish up on a star.

Sooooo this past weekend they rented a Jeep up in Sedona and invited us to come with them to do a little 4 wheelin'. We had a blast. We drove Soldier pass and Broken Arrow and we drove over some huge obsticles. It was great!!!

I have some pics, but my laptop is broken so I will post them later this week....hopefully. Cheers.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Back on the Horse.

I went on my first mtb ride in a few weeks and it was great. I have just been so exhausted from camp going a hundred miles an house that I have not had any energy to get up at 5:00 to go riding. Oh, it was like reuniting with an old friend. Cheers.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Sorry.

Hey Guys,

I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. I have been so tired with long camp days that I have nothing creative to say. However, a lot of cool things have been going on and I will report soon. Cheers.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


I just found out today that a friend of mine in SA was diagnosed with cancer. He was on our touring team last year and is only 19 or 20. He has a surgery on Tuesday to cut out what they can find and see where else it has spread. Please pray its not bad and that he will be ok, such an amazing guy. I hate cancer, it ruins lives.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Week In Week Out.

Weeks of camp are funny because one week can be so different from the week before or after. The teens, the sponsors, the weather, whatever it is there can be a zillion things that make weeks of camp completely different experiences.

Our first week was marked by trips to the hospital. There had to be more stitches that week than ever in the history of camp, unless it was like a samurai sword fighting camp.

The second week was marked with less blood and the kids were way more laid back than the first week. They weren't as competitive in games and just were really low key all week.

This week has been different because we have high schoolers. So when they arrive they are all cool and tough, but when you get down to it they are great students to hang out with. They are mad competative at sports (which I love) and they are all about hanging out and building relationships. Honestly, we could plan very little and they would just hang out and talk and have a great time without us, thats high school students.

So this week has also been great in that there had been no injuries....until today. I spent quite a bit of time hanging in the ER this afternoon with some of our students and pastors. We had several things happen like a peanut allergy to a concussion to a broken foot to a shoulder issue to a case of heat exhaustion/dehydration to a potentially broken collar bone. It was chaos. A nurse in the ER joked with me, when I was checking in on our wounded, and asked, "can we get camp t-shirts for spending so much time with your kids?" I thought that was hilarious.

So that was today. Everyone is fine and back at camp (except that broken foot, his mom fetched him and took him home) and it has been a tremendous week of camp, I'm really sad to see these guys go tomorrow. I know that many of them have really had some great encounters with God while here at camp and I believe the different churches are going to go home tighter and more relational than ever. I love camp. Cheers.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

High School.

We only have 1 high school week of camp during the summer at our facility (we lead another week in SoCal going on this week also) and the students are so much fun. The teens are cool, the sponsors are cool, everyone is great to hang with and I am having a great time. Cheers.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary.

I feel so lucky to have a great marriage to such a great woman. Rach and I were talking today about how we have done so much together in our 6 years of marriage and that we feel like some of the most blessed people on Earth. We may not have a lot to show for it, but we have seen some amazing places, met some amazing people and done more amazing things that I ever thought I would ever get to do. Its definitly been an adventure and I know it will continue.

Growing up I heard people say that they loved their wives more now than the day they got married and I always thought that was dumb, how could you love them more than on your wedding day. However, now I totally get it. Through the years my love for Ray and just grown and grown and we are in a place in our relationship now that is beyond words. I am so in love with my wife and love that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. Happy anniversary Ray. Cheers.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The New Face of UCYC.

We play a game in the mornings called Bumper Soccer and its freakin' awesome. Everyday there is potential for injury and that makes for a great week of camp. Cheers.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh Yeah.

I am sorry to everyone in the rest of the world who doesn't have the fortune of living in a town with perfect weather. If you are in the mood to be a little depressed you can click this link and check the 10 day forecast for old Prescott, AZ.

As a Jeep owner this is heaven. Cheers.


Monday, June 09, 2008

I Love the Camp Kids.

Tonight is the first night of our 2nd week of camp and I LOVE IT!

The kids are so stoked to be at camp and during the session we all dance and yell and have a great time, its so great to see their excitement. Cheers.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Its Here.

Camps here. We have 250ish people here for our first week and I am so stoked. Everything came together tonight for the first session and I believe we are going to have a great summer and that lives are really going to be changed.

We have a great lineup. Josh Finklea is our speaker and DSM is our band for the week. Tonight was great and they both did an awesome job.

I am so stoked its summer, its like we have been working so long for this and its great that its here. Cheers


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Demetrius, Damar, MMA, Camp.


I told you the other day about Demetrius being in the hospital in Phoenix after a bad head injury. Well, he is out of the ICU now and should be out of the hospital within a few days. I am so glad that he will make a recovery.


We almost lost Damar today. Heres what happened. Yesterday I came home from work and she had thrown up in the living room. She ended up throwing up a few more times and we were getting concerned because she couldn't keep anything down. We ended up taking her to the vet and they said that she needed emergency surgery or she would die in a few hours.

Apparently she had eaten something that she wasn't supposed to and it was obstructing her bowels. Be cause of that she ended up getting gas bloating her stomach and it was getting twisted up and flipped upside down. She should be fine the doctor said after the surgery. We will be able to get here on Monday or Tuesday.


CBS broadcasted the first MMA event on network TV tonight. I think that is cool and will end up being really good for the sport.


Camp starts tomorrow. I think we are good to go, I am sure we will find a ton of little things that need to be worked on, but it will be fine. We have 211 people showing up tomorrow afternoon for the jr high week and I am not sure how many kids are coming for junior camp. This means I will be busy until August. Cheers.


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hey Guys,

If you all could please pray for a couple of our guys that would be great.

Last night several of our summer staff were hanging out and started playing ultimate frisbee with a glow in the dark frisbee and one of our summer staffers, Demetrius, collided head to head with one of our executive directors sons, Cameron and it was pretty bad.

Cameron chipped 3 teeth, but Demetrius was knocked really hard. The ambulance came and got him and with any serious head trauma here in Prescott they fly them via helicopter down to Phoenix so they can get the best treatment. I wasn't there, so I don't have all the details, but please pray that he is ok, it was really bad.

As of now Demetrius is in the hospital in PHX and we haven't heard anything today. Please pray for no complications, for no permanent problems and a full recovery. Thanks.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here we go Again.

Well it seems a small group of christians are ruining it for the rest of us. A group is calling for a boycott of Starbucks because of the use of an old logo they used when the company first opened.

They are claiming it inappropriate and they are also saying her legs are spread like a prostitute (why prostitute, why not like an Olympic gymnast?).

So, I checked out their site and really looks like its more of a publicity stunt to sell a book that they are coming out with (which I imagine is so freaking crappy). Either way, I love that fact that now christians look like morons.... again...woohoo.....awesome.....yay.

Just so you know, I will not be boycotting Starbucks just because they are using a new (old) slutty logo. I guess that if they were to make me take may shirt off and wear mermaid fins when purchasing a pound of Espresso Roast then I would consider not going, not because of inappropriateness, but rather the hassle of it all. Cheers.


I got a mug from the original Starbucks when we were in Seattle and it has the slutty logo on it and I think its cool. Its on my desk right now....oh no....sin.

I still don't have a phone. Oh, well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ring Ring Ring.

This past weekend the weather was perfect so we took the doors and top off the Jeep for the first time. It was great, I don't know we ever drive it any other way.

So Saturday morning I was taking the doors off and putting them in the garage and while I was carrying one of the doors my phone fell out of my pocket. I thought, "no big deal, I'll get it on the way out". Well, if you know anything about me you know that I get distracted easily. I forgot the phone. I finish with the doors and go to breakfast, after breakfast I drove home and guess what, I ran over my phone in the driveway.

So now I have a crushed celly (as BeanTown would say). I will hopefully get my new one this week, I'm glad I got the insurance. If you need to call me you can call me on Rays phone at night or the office number during the day. I have no idea what either of those numbers are though, go to UCYC.com for the office number and call Rachel's sister to get her number, however, I don't know that one either, sorry. Cheers.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh Yeah!

So New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) are back together. I have mixed emotions.

On one hand I am really excited because I was a fan (weren't we all) and while traveling with Traveling Mercies Ray and I carried our footware in a yellow NKOTB duffel bag with pink straps, so there is a connection.

However, on the other hand I am sad because this means the world is more ridiculous that it was yesterday. I mean seriously, this is one of the lamest things ever in the history of the earth. As I type this I am trying to think of something lamer to compare it to`, but I can't. Its impossible. I think if even Pope Benedict XVI put out an album of Bobby Brown remixes, it would still be cooler that Jordan Knight wearing those aviator sunglasses and singing in the rain. Hangin' Tough.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Bread and Wine

My May post for The Bread and Wine is online today.

Its a short ditty about sin. You can read it here. Cheers.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On the Trail.

Today we went and did an adventure field trip for the 4th graders at Taylor Hicks Elementary. The kids did kayaking, slack lining, first aid, knot tying and hiking. I got to lead the hiking section and had a blast with the kids. The kids climbed on rocks and played in a creek, it was fun hanging out with them. It was a nice break from the hectic summer planning. Plus, I got in about 4 hours of hiking today so thats nice. Cheers.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Face of Hope.

This was the face of hope for runners this morning

The Whiskey Row Marathon was this morning and we worked Water Station #2 and had a great time.

Before my shift at Water Station #2 I went for a ride with Mike and I couldn't do anything. I tried a new pre-ride food, I had a Clif Bar and it turned out to be a bad choice. We had barely ridden anything and I felt like I was going to hurl. It wasn't the greatest moment of my life. I eventually made it home. Cheers.



There is a blog called Fat Cyclist that I love. The author is a guy named Elden and he lives in Utah and started this blog a couple of years ago as he was trying to shed a few pounds. Well, that guy is so funny and if you are into cycling at all you will find this site great. I suggest going back and start reading all the archive stuff, I did while we were in Africa and it was great entertainment when I didn't want to watch Zulu soap operas.

On a serious note, he wrote a while back about how his wife has been battling cancer and how she was fighting hard and things were looking good. Well in the past couple of days they have received some really bad news about is wife and its not looking good.

I can't imagine how hard it would be to going through what their family is going through. Rachel is sleeping in our bedroom and I can't imagine her dealing with what Elden and Susan are dealing with. Its really making me enjoy every moment I get to spend with Ray, she means the world to me. I just want to savor our time we get to spend together.

Please pray for a miracle, its seems at this moment thats all that can help their situation. Cheers.



Ray and I went to Scottsdale for my birthday and stayed in a hotel and did some shopping. The trip was great, however there was one thing that was kind of bittersweet.

For my birthday Rach planned on getting my guitar fixed (repaired, not neutered). See, its been all over the world and has been thrown in trailers, vans, RV's, busses, cars, truck tool boxes and airplanes and has been played for hours and hours and hours and it has started buzzing when you play it. I assumed that it was just needing a new fret board.

So Rach was surprising my for my b-day by getting my guitar fixed (one of the best birthday presents ever) and when it was taken to the repair shop she found that its almost beyond repair. There is something funky in the neck and the guy said it would cost at least $500 and there was no guarantee that it will completely fix it, THAT SUCKS SO BADLY.

To me this is more than just a faded/scratched/played out guitar, this is MY guitar. I learned how to play on this guitar, I've played for church, schools, bars, camps, conferences, Americans, Africans, Mexicans, Bosnians, Croations, friends, family and strangers with this guitar and to know I can't fix it hurts me (I get teary thinking about it and I am not one to cry often).

The really tough thing is that Pat gave it to me. For you who don't know, Pat is my aunt and she pretty much raised me. I moved in with her when I was in middle school and she was the world to me. She was like my best friend and even when I moved out for college we spoke all the time. When I was touring here in the states we spoke on the phone every day as I was driving the RV. She was the best.

However, Pat died a few years ago from cancer and as silly as it sounds this guitar was kind of that last close connection I had with her. I don't mean like I see her face in the faded finish or it says her name when I play a bar chord, but just that it means more to me than any other object on Earth. I planned on playing this guitar forever.



Good Stuff.

I have gotten into Flight of the Conchords on HBO and I think its great. Its about these 2 musicians from New Zealand that live in NYC and they write these super quirky songs that I think are funny, worth checking out.

The Whiskey Row Marathon is tomorrow and UCYC works a water station as the runners run by our camp. We were hoping to go get some fun retro sports clothes from the t'h'rift store and got this pic of the delivery truck. Cheers.


Thursday, May 01, 2008


My Birthday is tomorrow. I imagine lots of you are sitting around wondering what you could get me for my birthday so I will post an entry for Fat Cyclists site. He has a lot of great ideas.

50 Gift Ideas for Cyclists

11.20.2006 | 2:32 pm

Last year, I made the case that if you want to get your favorite cyclist a present, you should forget being creative and buy her/him the stuff s/he’s always having to buy anyway.

I still think that’s a good idea. I don’t think you can go wrong with buying a cyclist any of the following:

1. Tubes: Find out what kind of tubes the cyclist uses, and buy a bunch of them. It’s really nice to have a stash of tubes sitting in the garage whenever you need one. This isn’t all that great of an idea if your cyclist friend has switched to tubeless.

2. Genuine Innovations’ Microflate: An inexpensive, sturdy, tiny, easy-to-use threaded CO2 (or propane, as it turns out) cartridge valve. I really don’t understand why anyone would use anything else.

3. CO2 and Big Air! canisters: Make sure that the canisters you buy are compatible with the valve your friend uses.

4. Sports food / Sports Drink / Gel: If you know what they eat, drink, or ingest (I have to say “ingest” when talking about gels, because neither “eat” nor “drink” is the correct word), buy them a bunch of it. Be careful you know the correct brand and flavors, though. As an innovative twist on this theme, maybe try giving them some Matisse & Jacks Bake-at-Home Energy Bar Mix. They work as well as store-bought bars, are easy to make, and taste an order of magnitude better. For now, you get free shipping if you buy five or more boxes, which seems like a good number to give as a gift.

5. Helmet: This is something many cyclists replace too rarely. Be sure to get the right size.

6. Messenger Bag: Everyone needs a messenger bag. My good friends at Banjo Brothers make great ones for an excellent price

7. Entry fee and commitment for support at a race: If your cyclist races, this is a very nice gift indeed

8. Smartwool Socks: Several pair of the same kind, so that as the cyclist wears them out, they’ve still got matching socks.

9. Lube: Be sure to get the kind your cyclist has settled on. It’s nice to have a year’s supply of lube sitting in the garage, just like it’s nice to have a year’s supply of tubes in there.

10. Shoe cleats: Do you know what kind of pedals your cyclist uses? Buy a new pair of cleats for those shoes. Most cyclists go through a couple pair of these per year, so they’re nice to have.

11. A Floor Pump: When getting started with cycling, most cyclists pick out a cheap floor pump. Then they regret it. But while those cheap floor pumps never quite break — allowing cyclists to discard them in good conscience — they never really work great, either. Go to your local bike store and ask the mechanic what pump they recommend for someone who uses a pump every day (road cyclists in particular pump their tires up before practically every ride), and you’ll give a surprising, exciting gift. I am not kidding. Cyclists love a great floor pump.

So thats that. Ray and I have been planning on going to Scottsdale to do some shopping since we don't have great stores here in Prescott. We are going to go down tonight, stay at a hotel and then spend tomorrow shopping. I am stoked, I think we are going to have fun. Plus there is a whirlpool in our room at the 3 Palms so thats fun. Cheers.


4 8 15 16 23 42 are from Lost and the new episode was airing last Thursday night. So thats what they were if you were one of the few who didn't know.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cali Trip.

We got back yesterday from our quick trip to California to film a couple of dramas for our 5-6 grade camps. We had a great time and hopefully got everything we need to make some nice videos for the kids.

We left at 4am on Monday morning and headed to Glamis to shoot on the dunes for our desert scenes. It was freaking hot and hard to walk around in that soft sand. One of our cameras fel over in the sand and not until later did we realize it wasn't working right. I hope we can salvage the footage from that camera or thats going to put a damper on our video. I think I have enough footage from the camera I was using so we'll see how it goes.

Heres Jarred jumping off a dune.

Here I am trying to be the "super cool director/camera guy". If you noticed I went with the thin long sleeve shirt matched with the white running shirt over the hat to protect me from the sun, it work wonderfully.

This pic was taken of on top of a dune, we call it "Digital Moses".

After we shot in the desert we hopped in the rental mini van (which was awesome for this trip) and drove to my new favorite place, San Diego. We got to the beach by late afternoon and scouted out our location for the next morning.

On Tuesday we left a little after 5 to get to the beach for a "fake evening/low light" shot. We were a little rushed at the beach because every minute that went by more people were walking by and ruining our "derserted beach" look. I was a job to keep all the condos and soccer moms out of the shot, but I think we did really well.

Heres J-rad and I walking down the beach.

Heres the dead seal that washed up on the shore while we were filming. I told a Parks and Rec guy and they came and scooped him up in a bull dozer and put him in the back of a dump truck.

Left to Right: Shellnut, J-Rad, Sexy Guy and Phoenis.

J-rad in the sand.