Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Heart of a Man.

I have always heard that you can really get to know who someone is by watching them in a really stressful situation, like financial strain or being mistreated at work etc. Well, I think that is garbage. If you want to know who someone is deep in their heart watch them get stung by a bee.

Last Sunday I found out that at the core of who I am I must be a foul-mouthed little girl. Ray and I were coming out Wal-Mart and when I hopped in the Jeep I brushed something off my shirt with my thumb and then all of a sudden this hell-fire pain shot in the inside joint on my left thumb. When this happened I unleashed a high volume, high pitched swear word that I can't even post here (but it was 'F'oul, wink). It just happened, all reaction. It hurt so bad.

So I lived through my first bee sting (I think it was my first). Then today I was walking around camp closing up after a guest group and got stung again on my back, are you freaking joking me? however, I would like to say today I took the sting with more dignity and no obscenity. No swearing or yelling, just an understanding of what was going on. I hate bees now. Cheers.



Tye and Jenn said...

What if bees were actually the size of the one pictured? Then you'd really have something to cuss about

Anonymous said...

Come need to add the story of how 3 yr old Gracie just said ouch a bee and never cried a tear...tough guy!
The Original Kris

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