Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Do Or Not to Do.

Ray and I have only had one car for the past 5 1/2 years and I want a car. The reason being I hate feeling trapped at camp, Ray goes to work in the Jeep and I have nothing. Plus, in the summer, having a car is really nice to run around camp quickly. So, we have been trying to think of a cheap way to get another vehicle and I may have a solution.

Lamb Chevrolet is having a huge sale on Saturday and some of the cars are going for $1. I mean, you can't get a good cup of coffee for a buck!

So, Ray and I were planning on going down there to look for a nice little car/truck/van/jeep/scooter/ambulance/hovercraft/john boat/roller blade/jet pack.

Heres the deal though, I called them today to ask about the details and they said that last year they started having people line up at 4pm on Friday afternoon. So, to get a deal I have to be there Friday, which sounds so freaking boring.

So what do you think? Should I go do it? I'd love to hear what you think.


I Thought This Was Funny.

Woman swallowed whole by leopard

I thought it was one of those fake emails too, until I saw the photo below. Somehow the woman was lodged in the leopard's throat and they finally *cut the leopard's head off to let the woman escape.

She was unharmed.... Unbelievable!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Current, Community and Sidetracked.


I have been watching the channel, Current, more and I love it. I am a documentary freak and the channel is set up to be a journalistic/documentary channel and for me that is perfect. There is a great show called Vanguard, check it out if you have the chance.

Another thing about the channel that I think is cool is that the do View Created Content, which is little shorts that people send in and they show on their channel. I really like this because it makes the channel interactive. Instead of just being a form of entertainment, it encourages the viewers to get out and produce something that tells a story. I love this idea and would love to get this Incorporated in what we do with teens.


One of the shorts this morning was about Brooklyn Kickball. These guys were documenting a group of people that get together in Brooklyn and play kickball on Sunday afternoons. I was just kind of watching it as I ate my breakfast when it dawned on me that that these people we not just playing a kids game, but they were living in community with each other.

Towards the end of the piece a 20-something girl was saying that she loves coming out to play with everyone because its really given her a group that she belongs to and she feels that she has really met a bunch of great friends through playing kickball. I believe that a need for community is something that is really important to everyone.


While I was thinking about community I started searching local ways that people get a sense of community here in prescott, here are a few; Church, YMCA, bar/coffee shops, dog park (one of my favorites), theater, mountain biking, local adult sports leagues.

While I was looking at these different ways that people interact in town I noticed something that got me sidetracked. This is the list of banned bats for slow pitch softball. 84 BATS! That's amazing. I didn't realize there were that many different bats that one could choose from to play softball with. I love the names of the bats too, they are freaking awesome! I personally like the Freak, Uncensored, Beast Unleashed and Lady Virus. I think that softball is finally getting the hardcore street cred it deserves. I wonder what happens if you used a banned bat. Do the umps check ever batter to make sure they don't have a Liquidmetal Plasma Fusion or Anaconda Original. So, that sidetracked me for a while, I have to get back to work.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Really Like Michael Moore.

I watched Michael Moore's movie, Sicko, the other day and its great. Its all about the American health care system and I found it very interesting and informative. Of course he has an agenda that he wants to get across through his films, but don't we all.

If you have never seen a film by him you should check it out. Bowling for Columbine is also fantastic.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Camp Staff.

Here our program team. We get stuff done.

Jarred, Jenn, Me, Herrington