Monday, February 23, 2009

Current, Community and Sidetracked.


I have been watching the channel, Current, more and I love it. I am a documentary freak and the channel is set up to be a journalistic/documentary channel and for me that is perfect. There is a great show called Vanguard, check it out if you have the chance.

Another thing about the channel that I think is cool is that the do View Created Content, which is little shorts that people send in and they show on their channel. I really like this because it makes the channel interactive. Instead of just being a form of entertainment, it encourages the viewers to get out and produce something that tells a story. I love this idea and would love to get this Incorporated in what we do with teens.


One of the shorts this morning was about Brooklyn Kickball. These guys were documenting a group of people that get together in Brooklyn and play kickball on Sunday afternoons. I was just kind of watching it as I ate my breakfast when it dawned on me that that these people we not just playing a kids game, but they were living in community with each other.

Towards the end of the piece a 20-something girl was saying that she loves coming out to play with everyone because its really given her a group that she belongs to and she feels that she has really met a bunch of great friends through playing kickball. I believe that a need for community is something that is really important to everyone.


While I was thinking about community I started searching local ways that people get a sense of community here in prescott, here are a few; Church, YMCA, bar/coffee shops, dog park (one of my favorites), theater, mountain biking, local adult sports leagues.

While I was looking at these different ways that people interact in town I noticed something that got me sidetracked. This is the list of banned bats for slow pitch softball. 84 BATS! That's amazing. I didn't realize there were that many different bats that one could choose from to play softball with. I love the names of the bats too, they are freaking awesome! I personally like the Freak, Uncensored, Beast Unleashed and Lady Virus. I think that softball is finally getting the hardcore street cred it deserves. I wonder what happens if you used a banned bat. Do the umps check ever batter to make sure they don't have a Liquidmetal Plasma Fusion or Anaconda Original. So, that sidetracked me for a while, I have to get back to work.

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