Monday, March 13, 2006

Rach in the States

Rachel got to fly to America and suprise her 2 sisters this past week. Both of her sister just got engaged and her one sister, Kelly was flying to Atlanta to visit her other sister, Lynnae, to go wedding dress shopping. Rachel was very sad that she was going to miss this once in a lifetime event. So she talked to members of her family and mine and raised enough to fly in a suprise them. So last Sunday her sister gets up to answer the door and there is African Rachel standing there. It was a great suprise and they got to spend a great week together. I was sad to be on my own, but I was glad that she got that chance. Thats all.


Jeffery's Bay


C-Kruis is part of a fellowship of ministries in SA called Service Year for Christ. Once a year all these ministries come together for a retreat/conference called Family Festival. Well this year Family Festival was held at one of the minisries base of operations in Jeffery's Bay. It is at the beach and we had the best time. There were teachings and sessions with worship and some great speakers. Plus we got to meet and mingle with the other Service Year ministries. We arrieved back in Pretoria on Friday night after the long 12 trip and now are back at work rehearsing for the new show called Kate and Terri. I must say that Pretoria doesn't have the appeal that Jeffery's Bay has, but I must say Guinness was very glad to not be with the dog-sitter any more.

Crazy Times

Hey Guys,

I hope all is well with you in the States. The past 3 weeks have just been so hectic. We are learning a new show called Homecoming and this show has all live music. So the band has been working like mad to get the songs perfect for the dress rehearsal. On top of that were in the process of getting new music written for a new new show that we are starting this week. So as music producer I was stressed to the gills. I am glad to say that the Homecoming stuff was learned and went off great and that all the new songs that we wrote are going to work for the new show. Woohoo!!!

6 Months

Hey Guys,

As of March 8th Rach and I have been living in SA for 6 months. I can't believe it has been that long! Time has been flying by and so much has happened. Thanks for your prayers and support. Cheers.