Saturday, June 21, 2008


I just found out today that a friend of mine in SA was diagnosed with cancer. He was on our touring team last year and is only 19 or 20. He has a surgery on Tuesday to cut out what they can find and see where else it has spread. Please pray its not bad and that he will be ok, such an amazing guy. I hate cancer, it ruins lives.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Week In Week Out.

Weeks of camp are funny because one week can be so different from the week before or after. The teens, the sponsors, the weather, whatever it is there can be a zillion things that make weeks of camp completely different experiences.

Our first week was marked by trips to the hospital. There had to be more stitches that week than ever in the history of camp, unless it was like a samurai sword fighting camp.

The second week was marked with less blood and the kids were way more laid back than the first week. They weren't as competitive in games and just were really low key all week.

This week has been different because we have high schoolers. So when they arrive they are all cool and tough, but when you get down to it they are great students to hang out with. They are mad competative at sports (which I love) and they are all about hanging out and building relationships. Honestly, we could plan very little and they would just hang out and talk and have a great time without us, thats high school students.

So this week has also been great in that there had been no injuries....until today. I spent quite a bit of time hanging in the ER this afternoon with some of our students and pastors. We had several things happen like a peanut allergy to a concussion to a broken foot to a shoulder issue to a case of heat exhaustion/dehydration to a potentially broken collar bone. It was chaos. A nurse in the ER joked with me, when I was checking in on our wounded, and asked, "can we get camp t-shirts for spending so much time with your kids?" I thought that was hilarious.

So that was today. Everyone is fine and back at camp (except that broken foot, his mom fetched him and took him home) and it has been a tremendous week of camp, I'm really sad to see these guys go tomorrow. I know that many of them have really had some great encounters with God while here at camp and I believe the different churches are going to go home tighter and more relational than ever. I love camp. Cheers.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

High School.

We only have 1 high school week of camp during the summer at our facility (we lead another week in SoCal going on this week also) and the students are so much fun. The teens are cool, the sponsors are cool, everyone is great to hang with and I am having a great time. Cheers.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary.

I feel so lucky to have a great marriage to such a great woman. Rach and I were talking today about how we have done so much together in our 6 years of marriage and that we feel like some of the most blessed people on Earth. We may not have a lot to show for it, but we have seen some amazing places, met some amazing people and done more amazing things that I ever thought I would ever get to do. Its definitly been an adventure and I know it will continue.

Growing up I heard people say that they loved their wives more now than the day they got married and I always thought that was dumb, how could you love them more than on your wedding day. However, now I totally get it. Through the years my love for Ray and just grown and grown and we are in a place in our relationship now that is beyond words. I am so in love with my wife and love that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. Happy anniversary Ray. Cheers.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The New Face of UCYC.

We play a game in the mornings called Bumper Soccer and its freakin' awesome. Everyday there is potential for injury and that makes for a great week of camp. Cheers.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh Yeah.

I am sorry to everyone in the rest of the world who doesn't have the fortune of living in a town with perfect weather. If you are in the mood to be a little depressed you can click this link and check the 10 day forecast for old Prescott, AZ.

As a Jeep owner this is heaven. Cheers.


Monday, June 09, 2008

I Love the Camp Kids.

Tonight is the first night of our 2nd week of camp and I LOVE IT!

The kids are so stoked to be at camp and during the session we all dance and yell and have a great time, its so great to see their excitement. Cheers.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Its Here.

Camps here. We have 250ish people here for our first week and I am so stoked. Everything came together tonight for the first session and I believe we are going to have a great summer and that lives are really going to be changed.

We have a great lineup. Josh Finklea is our speaker and DSM is our band for the week. Tonight was great and they both did an awesome job.

I am so stoked its summer, its like we have been working so long for this and its great that its here. Cheers


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Demetrius, Damar, MMA, Camp.


I told you the other day about Demetrius being in the hospital in Phoenix after a bad head injury. Well, he is out of the ICU now and should be out of the hospital within a few days. I am so glad that he will make a recovery.


We almost lost Damar today. Heres what happened. Yesterday I came home from work and she had thrown up in the living room. She ended up throwing up a few more times and we were getting concerned because she couldn't keep anything down. We ended up taking her to the vet and they said that she needed emergency surgery or she would die in a few hours.

Apparently she had eaten something that she wasn't supposed to and it was obstructing her bowels. Be cause of that she ended up getting gas bloating her stomach and it was getting twisted up and flipped upside down. She should be fine the doctor said after the surgery. We will be able to get here on Monday or Tuesday.


CBS broadcasted the first MMA event on network TV tonight. I think that is cool and will end up being really good for the sport.


Camp starts tomorrow. I think we are good to go, I am sure we will find a ton of little things that need to be worked on, but it will be fine. We have 211 people showing up tomorrow afternoon for the jr high week and I am not sure how many kids are coming for junior camp. This means I will be busy until August. Cheers.