Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day After Thanksgiving

Hey all,

The Thanksgiving dinner went great with 13th Floor. I was helping dish out food and its kind of strange having to explain what stuffing is or what mac & cheese is. Strange. The Day after Thanksgiving was fun. We got a Christmas tree and decorated it, that was nice except it was so hot and we were sweating, but without many decorations it didnt take long. We bought some lights and then we used Rachel's scraves and hats and mittens to finish the decorating. Its our Charley Brown Christmas tree. The other after Thanksgiving thing we did was we ate leftover turkey sandwiches. Thats a must and I have to say they are just as good here as they are at home, mmmmm. Well thats all. Cheers.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dark Continent! We are having a huge dinner tonight for 13th Floor, C-Kruis staff and other friends of the ministry. Rachel is preparing the turkey and potatos. We are also having stuffing and pies and vegies and mac and cheese, the whole deal. There are going to be about 70 people tonight and I hope things go well. Last year Rach and I went to my dads for Thanksgiving and I almost choaked to death. I wonder how many choking deaths occur on Thanksgiving. I bet its high. With all the dry turkey and stuff, whatever. Also, there is no football here on Thanksgiving because it will have not been played yet due to time differences. Bummer.
I hope that in this time of Thanksgiving we all take time to really see how blessed we are. On my way to work in the mornings I drive by a township called Nellmapius and to see how poor these people are really opens my eyes to the blessings that we have. Just something to remember because it is so rare in America to see poverty on a daily basis. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy some football for me and remember to chew your turkey ALOT. Cheers.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Beautiful Day.

Hey everyone,
This has just been a nice morning, nothing eventful really. I got with the dog early and went and exercised. When I got home Rachel was already awake, showered and getting ready for the day. I had a cup of coffee, some toast and then Rachel, Guinness and I headed out to the traing facility to watch the end of training recitals. The 3 ballet classes had dimistrations of what they have learned over the past few months. It was nice to see how much they had learned, but sad in the fact that 13th Floor is leaving soon. They will be leaving in the next couple of weeks to come to the States and start their tour after Christmas. They are still trying to book up a couple of weeks, so if you would be interested in having them come to your church contact me and I can get you the right people to talk to.
Its just a really nice morning and I just wanted to share that with you. Cheers.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Hey Folks,

Rachel and I got to go to church last night. We have been attending the worship service that C-Kruis does on Sunday nights, however I have been really wanting to go to church. So Rach and I packed up and went to Moreleta Church, where some of our friends worship, and we loved it. If you notice the super cool headphone things, we needed those because it is an Afrikaans speaking church. They offer English translation, which was funny once when the guy didn't know how to say something and the other guy in the booth was telling him what it was and they were confused and then that guy got so flustered he just said "uh uh uh uh" and then he quit and the other guy took over. Hectic. We only missed a few sentences, but it was really funny. The service was great and just being at church with people from a different continent and being able to worship together and hear a sermon. It was what we needed. Cheers.

Our Home

Rachel and I are in our house. It is great. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and be somewhere where there is nobody else. It sounds so silly, but we have not had that is a long time. We were talking about it and the house is nice and all, but the feeling of "home" is unmeasurable. Guinness is loving it. She loves to run and play in our small yard. Its great. There is still work to with the house, but its what we needed, just in time. Thanks for the prayers for the bond process. It was such a mission to get the loan, however the interest rate we got was the best we had found yet. Just another example of God providing in His time and not mine. Cheers.