Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day After Thanksgiving

Hey all,

The Thanksgiving dinner went great with 13th Floor. I was helping dish out food and its kind of strange having to explain what stuffing is or what mac & cheese is. Strange. The Day after Thanksgiving was fun. We got a Christmas tree and decorated it, that was nice except it was so hot and we were sweating, but without many decorations it didnt take long. We bought some lights and then we used Rachel's scraves and hats and mittens to finish the decorating. Its our Charley Brown Christmas tree. The other after Thanksgiving thing we did was we ate leftover turkey sandwiches. Thats a must and I have to say they are just as good here as they are at home, mmmmm. Well thats all. Cheers.


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Anonymous said...

hey guys

That's a very nice Christmas picture of the 3 of you - I printed it onto photo paper and it turned out real nice - so I made copies for me, you mom & Nanny.

You guys take care
Love Jo