Friday, June 20, 2008

Week In Week Out.

Weeks of camp are funny because one week can be so different from the week before or after. The teens, the sponsors, the weather, whatever it is there can be a zillion things that make weeks of camp completely different experiences.

Our first week was marked by trips to the hospital. There had to be more stitches that week than ever in the history of camp, unless it was like a samurai sword fighting camp.

The second week was marked with less blood and the kids were way more laid back than the first week. They weren't as competitive in games and just were really low key all week.

This week has been different because we have high schoolers. So when they arrive they are all cool and tough, but when you get down to it they are great students to hang out with. They are mad competative at sports (which I love) and they are all about hanging out and building relationships. Honestly, we could plan very little and they would just hang out and talk and have a great time without us, thats high school students.

So this week has also been great in that there had been no injuries....until today. I spent quite a bit of time hanging in the ER this afternoon with some of our students and pastors. We had several things happen like a peanut allergy to a concussion to a broken foot to a shoulder issue to a case of heat exhaustion/dehydration to a potentially broken collar bone. It was chaos. A nurse in the ER joked with me, when I was checking in on our wounded, and asked, "can we get camp t-shirts for spending so much time with your kids?" I thought that was hilarious.

So that was today. Everyone is fine and back at camp (except that broken foot, his mom fetched him and took him home) and it has been a tremendous week of camp, I'm really sad to see these guys go tomorrow. I know that many of them have really had some great encounters with God while here at camp and I believe the different churches are going to go home tighter and more relational than ever. I love camp. Cheers.


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jason said...

enjoy your blog...thanks for the camp injury stories, it brings back memories...

need advice. jake k. referred me to you. my wife and i are in initial bike shopping stage, and I know nothing about bikes. i grew up on a 20" 1 speed Huffy and long for the simpler days. would love to buy 2 bikes and a nice car rack for about $600.00 or less. is that even POSSIBLE?