Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby Update.

Heres an update from Flaps' blog.

Flaps Van Der Merwe wrote at 12:57pm

This mornings visit went GREAT. Riccardo and Maria joined us. Though Riccardo thought the hospital is just a nice mall. Jacques-Louis looks GREAT. They say his condition is as good as possible at this point. Very stable. They reminded me that it is still important that his hearts reduces in swelling and that closing up his chest goes smoothly.

Only thereafter are we out of danger. But they also said the fact that he got through the heart machine transition so smoothly is something to be thankful for! You’re telling me! I took a great video of his heart. You must see it! It should be up any time now.

People are supporting us from South Africa, America, Swaziland, UK, and all over - random people we don’t even know! Thank you so much! May our little boy bring the world much joy one day.

Here is a link to a video Flaps made in the hospital, its amazing. You can see Jacques-Louis' heart beating on its own.


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