Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Sick?

I'm really missing SA this week, I don't know why. Maybe its because I know my good friends are having a rough time or maybe just because I would love to have some All Gold tomato sauce or some biltong and Squiggly Pops from Fish Aways.

I was just looking at a satellite image of SA and followed the highways around and found different places I had been. Made me really miss it; the people, places, our house, my old job, Re:Verb, my old gym, rugby, Dros, cheap Menlyn movies, adventure camp, Donkerhoek (Mooi Plaas), the band shack, cool money, the metric system, Bafana Bafana, slow internet (just kidding). So many memories. Cheers.


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Suzy said...

It's probably because you've been watching the World Cup qualifiers... Hey - if you haven't been able to sell your place by 2010, can we all go stay at your place for some European football?!?