Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cali Trip.

We got back yesterday from our quick trip to California to film a couple of dramas for our 5-6 grade camps. We had a great time and hopefully got everything we need to make some nice videos for the kids.

We left at 4am on Monday morning and headed to Glamis to shoot on the dunes for our desert scenes. It was freaking hot and hard to walk around in that soft sand. One of our cameras fel over in the sand and not until later did we realize it wasn't working right. I hope we can salvage the footage from that camera or thats going to put a damper on our video. I think I have enough footage from the camera I was using so we'll see how it goes.

Heres Jarred jumping off a dune.

Here I am trying to be the "super cool director/camera guy". If you noticed I went with the thin long sleeve shirt matched with the white running shirt over the hat to protect me from the sun, it work wonderfully.

This pic was taken of on top of a dune, we call it "Digital Moses".

After we shot in the desert we hopped in the rental mini van (which was awesome for this trip) and drove to my new favorite place, San Diego. We got to the beach by late afternoon and scouted out our location for the next morning.

On Tuesday we left a little after 5 to get to the beach for a "fake evening/low light" shot. We were a little rushed at the beach because every minute that went by more people were walking by and ruining our "derserted beach" look. I was a job to keep all the condos and soccer moms out of the shot, but I think we did really well.

Heres J-rad and I walking down the beach.

Heres the dead seal that washed up on the shore while we were filming. I told a Parks and Rec guy and they came and scooped him up in a bull dozer and put him in the back of a dump truck.

Left to Right: Shellnut, J-Rad, Sexy Guy and Phoenis.

J-rad in the sand.



The Anonymous Human said...


Did you club that baby seal? If so, I am proud of you, no matter what the nspca or peta says. CLUBBIN BABY SEALS IS COOL!

On another, more personal note, I too want this trip to vegas to come to fruition so you can experience the joys of craps playing. It's real easy. You hope in a car and drive for like four hours. Stay at my house. And throw dice to any number but seven. YO ELEVEN! See you this weekend.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome!! Looks like a fun trip! I love your new "digital moses" pic! haha!