Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dog Park and Church.

Hey peeps,

Dog Park

Yesterday Ray and I went to Church and had a great time and then we decided to take the dogs to the dog park. I was a little worried about it, Guinness hasn't been known to be the most social dog in the world. So we show up and Ray and I are both nervous about what might happen, but she (Guinness) did great.

Heres Ray playing with the toys at the dog park.

There was only one incident when a young black Lab male tried to get a little friendly and she kind of attacked him. We hear this noise and Guinness was on top of him growling and protecting her innocence. I need to figure out how I can teach my daughters that trick, it works.


We live in a strange environment in the sense that we all work together and live on the camp together. However, one thing that is cool is that I think we get to live a little of what the church is supposed to look like. A bunch of people living life together in the name of Jesus, pretty cool.

Well, today I felt like crap. I felt (feel) feverish, pukey, sore, just pretty nasty and when Ray was leaving to go to work she realized we had a flat on the Jeep. So all day I was not looking forward to walking home and fixing the tire, but when I finally got to the Jeep I realized somebody fixed it for me. They took it to the shop and got it patched and everything. Thats church. Thanks to whoever fixed my tire, it saved me from taking care of it in a crappy state. Cheers.


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