Sunday, April 06, 2008

Date Day.

Ray and I have been working conflicting schedules with work so we haven't had a bunch of time to hang/chill/kick it so we had a date day.

The day started off with us driving to a very romantic location, Wells Fargo, so Ray could finish up something she didn't finish on Friday. OK not romantic, but at least together and thats what matters.

So after the trip to the bank, I asked Ray what she wanted for lunch and she said Baskin Robins. You know shes a health nut.

Here's Ray with her lunch, a milkshake half the length of her torso.

After the milkshake incident we headed over to the Freedom Station for a round of mini golf. We tied.

We took a moment from the heated competition for classic mini golf photos.

Here's Ray Ray doing the old "swing the golf club like a baseball bat", perfect.

And here I am using the golf club as a pimp cane while showing what color ball I'm playing with, classic.

After the golf we walked over to the Harkin and watched 21, a new movie about black jack. I like it, any movie shot in Vegas is fun.

So it was a good day.

Now we are just hanging at the house waiting for supper in the dining hall here at camp, a great perk. Cheers.


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