Monday, April 07, 2008

Great Weekend.

This was such a great weekend for me. I feel ready for work this next week and I also feel like I didn't just bum around the house and waste a couple of days.

This morning we went to church and really enjoyed it. We are loving getting to go to church.

When we got home from church and a lot of the staff ate in the dining all for lunch today so it was cool hanging out with friends.

After lunch I came home and just chilled for a bit. Ray had her first piano lesson today with Kris' daughter Karis. Ray really enjoyed teaching her, we are thinking that when we have children this could be something she could do as a job until the kids are out of the house, we'll see.

Once I was sufficiently "chilled" I went for a long uphill bike ride. I posted a while back about driving the Jeep up to the Prieta overlook in the snow, well I rode the same route today on my bike. It's steep and tough. It took an hour to make it up to the overlook. I had to make a few rest stops on the way up and I also realized I really need some cycling shorts, they offer much needed padding in your undercarriage, if you know what I mean.

Then after relaxing for a few minutes I flew back down the road, the descent only took 14 minutes and change. It was a great workout on a Sunday afternoon.

Great weekend. Cheers.


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Warren said...

you guys get free food? i thought u left that kinda life behind...guess not. why am i not a blog buddy? thanks the meaningful friendship(im emotional, i know)

love you