Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jeep in Sedona.

We have these awesome new friends named Shaun and Melissa that we met at the dog park several weeks ago. Since then we have gotten to hang out a lot and they are awesome. A couple of fun things about them:

1-They are our age, not super exciting, but still fun.

2-Shaun works in banking, so he and Ray always have a ton to talk about. Its funny because they were at competing banks so I aways hope they get in a big fist fight over interest rates or credit card reward programs or some other bank related topic, however its hasn't come to that yet. Oh I wish up on a star.

Sooooo this past weekend they rented a Jeep up in Sedona and invited us to come with them to do a little 4 wheelin'. We had a blast. We drove Soldier pass and Broken Arrow and we drove over some huge obsticles. It was great!!!

I have some pics, but my laptop is broken so I will post them later this week....hopefully. Cheers.


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Alycia Lee said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I was there too!