Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here we go Again.

Well it seems a small group of christians are ruining it for the rest of us. A group is calling for a boycott of Starbucks because of the use of an old logo they used when the company first opened.

They are claiming it inappropriate and they are also saying her legs are spread like a prostitute (why prostitute, why not like an Olympic gymnast?).

So, I checked out their site and really looks like its more of a publicity stunt to sell a book that they are coming out with (which I imagine is so freaking crappy). Either way, I love that fact that now christians look like morons.... again...woohoo.....awesome.....yay.

Just so you know, I will not be boycotting Starbucks just because they are using a new (old) slutty logo. I guess that if they were to make me take may shirt off and wear mermaid fins when purchasing a pound of Espresso Roast then I would consider not going, not because of inappropriateness, but rather the hassle of it all. Cheers.


I got a mug from the original Starbucks when we were in Seattle and it has the slutty logo on it and I think its cool. Its on my desk right now....oh no....sin.

I still don't have a phone. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

i guess the song of solomon is out too.

preach it!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! That's ridiculous! :) There aren't any Starbucks in this country, but when we go to Thailand in a month - that's one of the first places I"m going! Java Chip Frappicino - here i come!!

Kevin Raybon said...

I'm not sure if the church could even survive without Starbucks these days...

Dan & Tammy said...

I hate boycotts! They are the stupidest thing ever in my mind, well...ones started by crazy Christians that give us bad names. that's our favorite stop when we hit the big town of tally!!

Shaun McDougall said...

Chris, this is Shaun, I have your cell phone. I think I will be in PV at some point tomorrow, I can drop it off at Rachel's bank....I think she said she worked at 11:30? Will that work?

Shaun McDougall said...

My email is: and cell is 602-920-1622

The Anonymous Human said...

Wait, you don't HAVE to take your shirt off and wear fins to buy coffee? That barista that made me do it is gonna hear it tomorrow morning.

You still have to wear the nipple tassels though, right?

Spalf said...

I find it fascinating that these boicotty Christians think only prostitutes spread their legs - I mean how about the pastor's wife... and the boicotty Christian's mother... aaaaghhhh!