Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christian Artist Talent Search.

Wow, what an amazing show, not (in my best Borat timing).

Its just another example of Christians trying to do something that the secular world does so well (American Idol), but doing it so poorly that it makes Christians look like complete morons.

Then the judges don't say anything negative or critical about them, because Christians have to be 'nice' all the time. I think it may be a greater sin to tell some tool box that he's a great singer, rather than telling him it may be better for him to go try a different career path, like pressure washing or dental assistant.

Whatever, I'm guilty of this too, but this show is so damn corny. Oh well at least their trying. I suppose it would be a nice show to perform on because nobody will say bad stuff about you. Thats nice. Cheers.


They call the show CATS for short, that makes me angry.


Dustin said...

haha CATS

We should try out.

myn said...

Dude, that's hilarious. I am tempted to say "only in America", but this kind of thinking is seriously sticking its nasty head out here in South Africa as well.

Anyhoo, are you going to audition?!