Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proud to be an American.

I am excited about what happened last night in the election, congratulations Mr. Obama.

I know that people tried to not speak about or even acknoledge publicly the fact that Obama was a black man and I am proud of America for that. We as a country have come so far that we aloud policy and hope to guide us rather than the color of a candidates skin.

In Obama's acceptance speach he spoke about a 106 year old black lady that voted and he talked about all the changes that she had seen in her life and how far we have come from when she when born (a gereration out of slavery). It gave me goose bumps and made so proud to be an American.

Is racism over? No. However, I am hoping that this sets us on a path that allows people to be seen as people and not as the color of their skin. As a man or woman rather than a black man, white man, asian woman, hispanic woman etc. We can, hopefully, all just be the people that God created us to be.

Do I agree with all his policies, no. However, I do think he does have the ability to unite this country if people will allow him. I don't think everyone will, but I hope and pray they can, so this country can continue to be the greatest country on earth.

Congratulations Mr. Obama and I pray God gives you the wisdom and strength to lead our beautiful country through the next 4 years and beyond. Cheers.


Heres Obama's speech.


Sara said...

Hey friend! I too sat with goosebumps last night proud to be an American. I was very sad for McCain, but so humbled by his grace and humility, and his resolve to support Obama.
Hope you and Rachel are well. We have a bigger room waiting for you anytime you want to visit Joplin!!!

Shaun and Melisa said...

I think it is a good day as well. I am bitter about Obama's views and am nervous about how he may change this country for generations to come. I will however support him as our President better than all the Bush haters supported him these last 8 years.
Hope you guys are great!