Friday, December 12, 2008


Heres whats been going on with us.

-My best friend, Chad (and his wife), came to visit for his 30th bday. We had a blast hanging with them, hadn't seen him since 2005.

-I'm learning to work with After Effects and I love it/ hate it when I can't figure out what I am doing.

-The worship leader at church, Justin Unger, has a couple of albums out and I am getting to play electric guitar for him for a couple of shows coming up. Thats going to be fun.

-Ray and I got a Xbox 360.

-Its supposed to snow in a few days, I hope we get a couple of inches at least.

-Ray is kicking butt at work, I am so proud of her.

-I love Christmas time!

-I love my Jeep! I'm getting a little lift and she's gonna look sweet!

-Rachel and I have met some cool friends in town, that neither of us work with, and its fun getting to know new folks.

-I'm so lazy and can't get motivated to work out.

-I am in love with eggnog.

Thats about it. Cheers.



Kelly said...

Screw the xbox. You should have gotten a much cooler

Dan & Tammy said...

We just got a Wii for "the kids" but really I think it's for us! But I am making Dan wait to play until Christmas. :)
Great to see you guys are doing well!! Are you coming this way anytime soon?