Sunday, June 07, 2009

You're Freakin' Kidding Me.

Land of the Lost sucked.

Like so bad that we almost left early because we could have been spending that time sleeping, rather than watching this awful movie. I know some people don't like Will Ferrell (side note: those people are dumb, sorry Jeni), but this was like nothing I had ever seen.

As the movie was going on I thought to myself that maybe its not that funny to me because its for kids. However, if it is for children don't take them because the language is bad. My Nanny would be so made at me if I wrote those words on this blog.

Whatever, don't waste your money on this movie. If you would like to throw that money away please feel free to send it to me, I'll buy spandex shorts with it. Cheers.



SouthAsiaRocks said...

Good to know :) Thanks for the warning :) haha!

Brian said...

Go see The Hangover immediately. Hilarious.