Monday, August 17, 2009

Drives Faster When Your Not Dragging the Bank Along.

Ray Ray and I paid off our Jeep last Friday and got the title in the mail a few days ago. I can't believe we paid it off so fast.

Thanks Dave Ramsey for making us believe we could do it.

This past Jan or Feb I read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and really wanted to get our finances in order. We only had 3 debts, the house (which is on the market and we can't do anything more than that), about a grand on a credit card and our Jeep. It hit me that we had more money wrapped up in our debt than we had cash which gave us a negative net worth, which in turn meant that we were broke. I didn't like that.

So I put the Jeep on Craigslist and was hoping to get rid of that and get a cheaper car with no payments. Rach told me not to do it, but I'm a bit obsessive, if I am into something I am totally into it and at this point in my life I was into paying off debt.

One day I thought to myself I should just as Dave, so I called the show. He said something to me that I rarely hear him say, he told me if I like the Jeep I should keep it, but just have it paid on in 18 months. So we decided to keep it, but to attack it with everything. We stopped going out to dinner, buying clothes, going to the movies. An we actually were able to pay the credit card and the Jeep off in 6 or 7 months. Freaking amazing.

If you haven't read "Total Money Makeover", you really should. Its great at getting you excited about how to wisely use money. Basically, if you have the cash, buy it, if don't, don't. What a concept? Cheers.


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That's awesome! Congrats!!!!!