Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Think I'm a Little Twisted.

This whole "having a baby and becoming a parent" thing has been a fun process. Its really caused me to examine who I am as a man, a husband, a future father etc. Its given me the opportunity to look at the things that have shaped me (family, music, sports, friend etc) and reflect on how they have all led me to this point, a point of becoming a father. And after examining all of these aspects of my development I realized something (that others have known for a while I presume); I'm a little twisted.

When a woman is pregnant and people talk to her about becoming a mother I assume most women have an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy for the fact that they will become a mother. They think of all the things they will be able to do with their child, how they will be able to care for this precious gift that they feel lucky to be given.

However, every time I hear someone talk to Rachel about becoming a mother something different happens. I grin, to show the person that is speaking to Rachel that I concur that she will be a great mother, but what's going on in my mind is completely different. The only thing that comes to my mind is the Danzig song "Mother". It was one of my favorite videos when I was in high school and while I agree "Mother" isn't a wholesome song about love and everlasting Joy, its what pops into my head. Maybe I'm a little twisted, I'm sorry. Chris.

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