Sunday, January 24, 2010

When I'm Not the Leaver.

I am a good leaver.

It is easy for me to move on to something new, almost to a fault. I'm not sure if it is the because I'm an only child or because I moved out of my mothers house at a young age to live with my aunt. I don't know, but what I do know is that I am able to adapt easily to the "new" and it doesn't really stress me out.

Tonight was different though. Rach and I have some great friends, Tye and Jenn Jones, who are moving tomorrow morning to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Tye got a new job as a cargo pilot and while its a great opportunity for him it's sad at the same time because he will now fly out of Portland, OR rather than Prescott, AZ.

So tonight we got a last chance to have dinner with them and just hang out like we have done plenty of times before, but tonight was different because it will be the last time with hang out with them for a long time, if ever (I am always pessimistic about seeing people that move more that 2 miles away).

I think what was so strange about tonight was how sad I felt when they left to go home. If I were the one leaving I would be sad, but know that's part of deal, but this felt different because they are the ones on the adventure, the new journey and I am just left without 2 of my closest friends in AZ. I don't know if that makes since and while I understand it may seem extremely selfish of me it's still the way I feel.

Tye and Jenn, have a great journey. Enjoy the drive to one of my favorite cities on Earth. Enjoy the whole process, from the surreal feeling of driving away from a home you have known for so long to the debates on where to put the couch in your new living room. Drive carefully and eat lots of junk food, drink lots of coffee and enjoy the new life that lays ahead of you. You guys will be missed. Cheers.



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