Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coolest folks in the Republic of South Africa

One of the things Rach and I are in need of is a second vehicle. We don't have the money to get anything, but the other day I got a loaner vehicle from a friend of mine, Hennie. He had this old Vespa scooter sitting in his back yard and I asked him if I could borrow it to drive around town if Rach had the car. He said yes, and now we have this supper cool Vespa to drive around. There is a problem though, it tops out at around 83 kph which is about 51 mph so there is no driving to the training facility, because it is down the highway. The other problem is the registration is very out of date, so if I were to get pulled over there is no chance of not getting a big ticket. So besides these set backs and the fact that it doesn't always start and I have to push start it, it's a cool thing to have. I am still hoping to get another car or something, but for now it really is the most fun way to go to the grocery store to buy milk. Until later, cheers.


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Jani said...

Hennie Bekker is by far the COOLEST guy. I called him my teddy bear, during my time @ C-Kruis. How can you not love him & Christina!!! God always provides!!! I'm thankful to hear (even though it slow & out of date), that you guys can get by a little better... ENJOY