Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Hey Everyone,

I would like to wish you a great Christmas. We had a great Christmas day. We woke up and opened some gifts and hung out with our dog. Then we drove to the office and called some family and friends. After the calls we rushed home to prepare Christmas dinner for some of our friends and when we got home we realized the duck that we were going to cook was rotten in the packaging. So instead of the a Christmas Duck we had Christmas Breaded Pork Chops. To tell you the truth I think the chops were better than the duck would have been. We also enjoyed homemade eggnog which turned out really good. Then it was off to see The Chronicles of Narnia and home to bed. It turned out to be a great day. I hope your day was a great and enjoy the college football bowl games that should be on now until whenever. Cheers.


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corie said...

hi! hi! hi!

so i was having coffee last tuesday (that being a week and a day ago) with laura reagan at a starbucks in savannah just catching up. and anyway your names came up and i was like "yeah so have you heard from them?" and she was like "i heard they're in south africa." and i just couldn't believe it. but she sent me this link form greg's blog...

so here i am. and there you are in south africa!!! so cool. doing ministry.

you guys are the greatest!!

i loved reading posts and seeing pictures.

i'm still in atlanta or dunwoody, whatever. still dating rob, stinks you guys didn't get a chance to meet him. working at a church part time as a youth minister. it's like 30 kids and i work hanging out, doing bible study and accountability with the like 11 girls. and i also work 3 mornings a week at a starbucks... the morning shift. 5:15 baby. it's awesome!

besides that i'm good. email me sometime at corinne_nielson@hotmail.com.

you guys are the best! merry christmas!!

oh yeah, and my church is going on a mission trip to south africa this summer... how random right? i can't go. but maybe you could hook up with them. more info later.

grace and peace, corie