Friday, February 24, 2006


Hey folks,

I have been going to the gym lately and the other day something happened that made me feel like a total wuss. A little background, men want to be macho. We enjoy being a little more "manly" than the guy next to us. We want to lift more, run faster, and have more facial hair than the next guy to prove that we are more of a man. Well, the other day I was at my local Virgin Active and after a great workout I was pumped and feeling a little more manly. So, I showered and after showering I walked over to the sink area, with my towel around me, to shave. I wet my face, lathered with my shaving cream and began shaving. The razor I was using was pink because I was using one of Rachels so that set me back a little in my pursuit to be the most macho man. As I am shaving this guy comes to the sink next to me. This guy is freaking huge, like a pro body builder. So Its me (pale, no muscles) and this guy (tan with HUGE muscles). He begins shaving with a black razor and no shaving cream. So here is where we are; at the sink, me with a pink razon and shaving cream and this guy with a non-pink razor and no shaving cream. So I lost. This monster of a man won the compitition hands down. I was humbled. Have a great day.



Anonymous said...

that is so funny...i love it!

Jani said...

Dude, love it. I can just picture this... i'm sure Rachel got a kick out of this one!!!
Blessings man,