Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just Thinking.

I was thinking about the poverty situation here in South Africa and it has to be so overwhelming for the government trying to get a hold on it. Then I was thinking about how so many people drive luxury cars and live in huge houses and still there are so many people in the world that barely survive. Why is that? People who have more than what is needed chalk it up to God's Blessing. Where does that put the poor people? In God's wrath? To add to this question I was thinking what is the churches role in this whole thing? What are we really doing to combat this horrible plague that hits so much of the world, even in America there are people who don't know where their next meal will come from. I am just asking and I am not saying that everyone who has money is greedy and doesn't care about the state of the world. Rachel and I are paid by people who give money each month and without them we would be wondering where are next meal would come from. I was just thinking what about Acts 2:42-47, where people were selling stuff to make sure people were ok, that their needs were met. Imagine you bring a person to church and someone asks how they are doing, and really means it. Plus, think if this person was tight on cash and couldn't pay their mortgage, what if they told someone and that person helped them out? What would go through this persons head? I think they would have better understanding about the love of God. I think I found something that demistrates this perfectly. It's called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I know it all comes down to ratings and to Sears having mad advertising, however go with me here. What if the church was like EM:HE? What if the local church knew this family was in need and they were having a really tough time and decided to makeover their home just to showed they they cared? Can you imagine? There may not be some sexy carpenter named Ty with his shirt off remodeling, rather, a fat hairy pastor named Dennis. I am not saying that the church needs to go and do some crap version of the show and use it as publicity to show how giving they are, but just sincerely wanting to help someone that needs help. I'm just thinking, thats all. I have no perfect answer, just trying to do some brainstorming on how we can look more like Jesus. Cheers.


chalkeia said...

The solution is:


Was reading through your blog, good luck with what you doing. I notice you refer to Africa as the dark continent, but I'd like to think it's not said seriously. I am sure you have noticed by now how much light, in every definition of the word, there is and can be found on the continent.

Betsy said...

you are right on, Chris. We need to stop caring so much about the programs within the church and focus outwards. our money would be much better spent. Jesus would be shown to others much more clearly. i miss you guys.