Friday, December 08, 2006

Home For Christmas.

One of the really difficult things about working with C-Kruis is that we are so far away from friends and family and it's especially hard around Christmas. I was thinking today that a couple of months ago Rach and I were trying to get home this year for Christmas. It was a really hard decision to not go to the States, but there was just no money for a trip now. It's tough. For me it's been a year and 3 months since I left and it would be nice to see family and friends, but soon enough.

Rach and I are planning on going home in June. Rachel's sister is getting married and it happens to be in my hometown, so it seemed wise to wait for then to go visit because all our family will be in one place at the same time. Please pray for Rach and I to get that extra money for the trip. It will be about $3000 just for the plane tickets. I really would love if someone knew someone that gets discounted tickets or works for an airline because I would love to go home more than once every year and a half. England is making me homesick a little too. Most everything here is how it is in the States and the things that are different are similar to South Africa. So, I am feeling a little homesick for both. Hope you have a great holiday season. Cheers.


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