Tuesday, December 05, 2006


One observation that I have made about Europe is that there is hardly ever a sunrise. The only thing that makes waking up when it is dark ok, is when you get to see the sun come up. On this tour and especially in Brussels I woke up while the sun was still down and what I noticed was, because of the cloud cover, it just gets light, as if there is a dimmer switch somewhere and over the span of a half an hour someone turns the knob slowly and there you have it, its day time.

I love sunrises. A few years ago Traveling Mercies spent a summer in Arizona and I would get up early to go mountain biking. Well, when I stepped out of the door of my house I could always see the first light of day peaking up over the horizon. It was beautiful.

Another thing I secretly love is getting up really early to go on a trip. I like to leave before the sun comes up so that you can enjoy the sunrise with a nice cup of coffee driving down the highway. I mean come on, thats great.

Oh well, sunrise of no, this tour so far has been great and we have seen some cool places and met some cool people. Even though it seems like there is a giant lamp shade of cloud cover over europe, its been amazing. Cheers.



Jani said...

My friends,

What a journey our God's has taking you guys on!!! Life is truly a gift, and you guys are living it! Thanks for the letter Ray, you guys are doing what most of us are to scared to do!

Can’t wait for the promised Braai Chris!!!

klm said...

Enjoying the sunrise in AZ...miss you guys but am proud of how you have allowed God to use you.