Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Years Resolutions....Update.

I posted around the new year about a few resolutions I have and I'd like to update you on how its going.

Fast Food

Ray and I made a resolution to not eat fast food in 2009 because we are fat Americans and we like our South African bodies better. Its going great! Sure, its only been 12 days, but every epic journey begins with a step....or 12.

Coffee Roasting

I also said that I wanted to learn more about coffee, in particular, how to roast coffee. I contacted the roaster/owner of Prescott Coffee Roasters and asked him if I could come watch him work and learn about the roasting process. He said it was fine so I spent Saturday with Rich roasting several batches of coffee. It was so interesting and it made me appreciate coffee even more than I did. So much goes into a cup of coffee, its crazy.

At first I was super confused, but as we continued I caught on. Rich logs the bean temps as we go and has a whole system for how he does what he does. The amazing thing is, if your beans are only like 5 degrees warmer or cooler at the end of your roast they can be ruined. And if you end up ruining a batch that's like 8 pounds of coffee wasted, which at 10-13 bucks a pound that's a costly mistake.

So I just wanted to fill you in on what I have been doing to work towards my goals. I love to hear your resolutions and how its going with you so far. Cheers.



Dan & Tammy said...

Dan and I wanted to try to exercise and eat better. We didn't go for a very original resolution and we never actually said that word, but, so far we have ridden the recumbent stationary bike everyday and are eating better! So that's our update!!!

Betsy said...

that is very interesting! i bet it smelled delicious too! bill and i did adkins once which virtually eliminated all fast food. it was actually easier then I thought it would be and I agree that we were much healthier (despite the pound of bacon we ate daily).