Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sup homies,

Last weekend we had great winter camp called Alalanche for middle school students and it was awesome! There were a couple hundred kids and the whole weekend was supposed to be a wild "avalanche" of an event and it was.

Rachel is in PHX all week for more training. She's learning about lending, which is funny because while she is doing that I am becoming more addicted to Dave Ramsey and wanting to get completly out of debt. We don't have much debt, the house (which we are still trying to sell) and the car, but I would love to be debt free.

Anyone want to buy a wonderful, georgous, well loved, Jeep? I hate the idea of selling it, but to get rid of a car payment would be great. Ray and I are trying to decide if we should sell it or attack it and have it payed off ASAP and then have a great, practically new vehicle thats paid for. Oh Dave Ramsey, you inspire me so.



Tim said...

It's tough, we sold our truck...a sad day for this Texan in NYC.

Shaun and Melisa said...

Chris, remember some debt is good and it is good for your credit score to have some consistent payments. I do love Dave Ramsey's teachings, they are biblical. I think it would be better to tackle the jeep and then get another car to tackle that one....I sure hope you guys get rid of that house soon!