Monday, September 07, 2009

Need your Help.

Ray Ray and I are thinking of a couple of different baby names that we like, but we can't decide.

We were thinking that we will post the ones we are thinking of here and we would love your feedback, please comment on what you like. Reply with which name you like for a boy and a girl.




Mom said...

My vote is Oliver or Harper. The name Oliver has been around a while and is old fashioned but I've always liked it. Harper is unique (like you) and I think it would be a great name for a girl. That's my vote.
Peace and love always, Mom

Suzy said...

I really like Harper, but your last name is Holohan and that may sound funky... Harper Holohan. And I love the name Oliver, but it is a pretty popular name around here just recently (as is Jack or Jackson). I can totally see you guys with a kid named Keegan, though. I don't know anybody named Keegan. Or Fern for a girl! Ha! Probably should avoid Ella, Ava, Lily, and Emma which seem to be crazy popular right now. But whatever you choose I'm gonna love - just like I love my Holohans!

Jana said...

I like Oliver and Keegan both. The more I've tried it on my tongue, the more I like Ayla! I go along with Suzy about the Harper Holohan. I also think of a boy when I think the name Harper. Ayla is prettier, I think.
Maybe Keegan Oliver for the boy?

Jana said...

BTW, that's an AWESOME ultrasound pic you have there! So lifelike! Hee hee!

Beth Shellhart said...

I like Keegan and Ayla, I don't know if my vote counts cause I talked to your wife about it Saturday, but I really can't remember which one of you wanted what... so maybe that helps! I agree with Suzy, Harper Holohan might sound kinda funny over time. The "H" alliteration... you know! :)

Anonymous said...

go with Alden. It's our son's name, but it was going to the name either way.