Saturday, September 17, 2005

We have phones!!!

Hey everybody. We have cell phones now. I will give you our numbers, not expecting calls, however you will still have them. Rachels is 083 226 7831. Mine is 07 22 33 1764. Please keep praying for us for our home. Things are not going smoothly and we are doing all we can. Besides that life at C-Kruis is going very well. We are doing therapy training, and getting used to being here. There is a huge rugby match tonight that Rach and I are getting to go to . I hope to tell you more soon. Chris


Shane T.S. Hively said...

YEAH!! You guys made it, way to go!! I am praying for you guys. You are amazing. Keep up the good work!!

becca said...

rachel and chris! its good to hear that you made it... i wish i could have seen you again before you left, but i am so thankful that we had those 4 weeks to live in the same town this summer. i am praying for y'all, and i hope that you will keep us updated! i love you guys! becca