Wednesday, September 21, 2005



We are in the midst of therapy training and it is going really well. We are in class all day learning about therapy and couseling techniques that we can use when we are working with our team. We also were assigned our positions on team and are very excited about our jobs and are equally excited about the responsibility. Besides being on management committee and being sheperds for our small groups Rachel has been appointed Team Advisor and I have been appointed Music Producer. Team Advisor deals with the people on the team and makes sure that people are happy and having their needs met. Music Producer is in charge of the band and produces all the live music needed for the performances. They are really big jobs and carry a lot of weight. Please pray for us as we continue to settle in and get acclamated to being in our new environment. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Cheers.



Betsy Wolf said...

Hey Chris and Rachel...I'm really excited for you guys and I'm really glad you put updates on here. I'll be praying for you!

B. Fulton said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'll definitely be praying for you both. The cats are getting together tonight at my house with all of their babies, how weird is that?! Liz and Eli are in town with their daughter Kenna, Vanessa and Scott are bringing Gabe, and Betsy Swartz. is bringing her son Brevin, and Byrd and Daniel are bringing Atley. I'm bringing Steve. Miss you guys. We'll be thinking of you.

Wendy Kitts said...

I love getting the updates. Thanks for keeping us posted. Miss you guys! Rachel, keep croppin', Girl! I can't wait to see your book when ever you visit the states next. Sounds like you are having the time of your lives! Enjoy!

Bethany Farmer (Starr) said...

Hey Chris and Rachel...I am really excited for you two being able to serve in Africa. What an amazing adventure! I will keep you in my prayers. (aka Bethany Starr)