Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Chili What?

Well.....Today I was at the mall with my beautiful wife, we went to see a movie, and I was a little hungry for lunch. I went to this hot dog place and ordered a chili dog, which I have not had since we have been here in SA. When they gave me the chili dog I saw there was no chili on the dog. The line was long now so I decided to eat the plain dog. Well as I bit into the hot dog I realized that when they say "chili dog" they don't mean a hot dog with chili on it, they mean a hot dog with chili peppers cooked into the meat. How strange is that? Peppers cooked into the meat? Crazy. Well I ate the devilishly spicy hot dog and can't wait for the indegestion to kick in shortly. Oh....yep......there it is....feel the burn.....feel it.......thats what I'm talking that the best you got.......bring it sister...... Oh well, another time of me not knowing what is going on in this wacky place. Have a great day.


1 comment:

ashby said...

Here's hoping it's less spicy on the way out.

You know, of your butt.