Friday, June 23, 2006


Hey Everybody,

This past week has been hectic here in SA. The Management of both touring teams along with office staff have a big week of meeting called MMM (Middle Management Meetings). We take a detailed look at everything that envolves training and touring and we discuss how to make C-Kruis better. Well these meetings start at about 0830 and run to around 2200 at night. Alot of really good stuff has been discussed and there have been some changes that I really think will improve C-Kruis as a ministry. I will admit that I am looking forward to tomorrow being a day off. Hope you are all well. Cheers.



Jani said...

Hey my dearest Chris & Ragel,
Wow Savannah is something... Rach, I now know why you love this town so much. If i could i would move here tomorrow.
Many things to share... tell you guys later.
blessings my friends, enjoy the first SA winter.
Al my liefde,

Anonymous said...

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