Friday, June 23, 2006

Mission Trip.

We are on a break from touring for the next few weeks, however, that doesn't mean we aren't busy. I am so excited about this next week, we are going on a mission trip. We were supposed to be going up to Zambia for a "Beat the Drum" outreach. It is an outreach that teaches about AIDs in the schools and small towns, its a really cool program and I am so sad that we can't be a part of it this year. Please pray that they will have a great trip to Zambia this year, they were in Swaziland a couple of years ago and had a very effective ministry. Well, we have broken the big teams up to teams of 8 and we will be splitting up and going to different places for the week. We are not supposed to have a great deal of information to where we are going, it's a suprise. Rachel and I are heading a team that is going 4 hours away from Pretoria and we are working with a church that is having a revival and a vacation bible school. We were told we are doing some music and drama workshops and helping with revival music. Thats about all we know. We will just see what happens when we get there. Please pray that all the teams have a great week in their different locations doing their different jobs. There is no cell service where we are going so we will be unreachable from Monday until Saturday night. Hope you have great week. Cheers.


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