Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Cape Town.

We made the long trek to Cape Town and its such a beautiful city. We have a "sport afternoon" every week so we got to go to the beach the Monday afternoon. The water was so so so cold, but it was still fun. The show on Sunday night went really well and we are preparing now for tonight's show, Homecoming. The band is set up and sound checked, all the props are ready, we are just about to have Focus, where we prepare mentally for the show, and then we wait for the show to start. I think the show will go well tonight. Hope your evening goes well. Cheers.



Jana Hunter said...

I'm glad you guys can still get online to post to the blog! Gives me a way to know what's up.

Anonymous said...

my brawe Amerikaners, i miss you guys and know that now that you've seen Cape Town, that you will never want to return... (but then we all have family right :)).

Any how, just thought to say Howzit!