Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good Bye Friend.

Some of you may have met my friend Mike Depina at some point. He and my mom met when I was a kid and starting dating and they eventually moved in together. Mike has been part of the family forever. Well, he got sick a little while back and his liver became really swollen, like big enough to poke his stomach out. They checked him in the hospital and there was little they could do so he was moved to hospice where he died last Thursday. It is really sad for me, Mike was a great man and I hate that I never got to see him again. Please pray for my mom, they haven't been a couple for a long time, but they still lived in the same house and assumed they would grow old together. She will miss him terribly. Cheers.


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Suzy said...

I'm so sorry, Chris. You're in our thoughts (and your momma, too).