Thursday, January 11, 2007


At the beginning of training each year we have a day and a half of storytelling. Basically it's time where each person has 8 minutes tell the teams their life story. They can talk about good things or bad things, but typically its a time where people can really open up and share something personal with the teams. Today we went through most of the team and some of the peoples stories break my heart. I am so saddened my the number of girls on team that have been molested or been abused by a parent, relative or friend. Its so sad to see the self image issues that many of the students on team have and how they handle these issues through some sort of self-injury or eating disorder. It breaks my heart to hear stories of people that were abandoned by their parents. The good thing about it though is it shows the teams that nobody's life is perfect and we all have been through something and God has been there to bring us through. I am so happy that C-Kruis doesn't try to fake a perfect face for people, that we are a group of broken, hurting people trying to rely on God's strength to get us through life's crushing. I love the honesty of the team members. Cheers.


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