Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year.

Happy 2007!!!! Ray and I got back from our hike late afternoon on the 31st and had the most boring new years I can remember. Rachel fell asleep about 11:50 and I was laying next to her reading. When I heard the fireworks going off downtown I nudged Rach with my elbow and said, "happy new year". She woke up, rolled over, and asked what I said. After I repeated, "happy new year", she replied, with her eyes have closed, "happy new year" and went back to sleep. It was kind of pathetic.

Oh well, the new year is here and we are starting with our leadership teaching today that run from 8:30 and run into the night. It's fun having the leadership from both teams together. We had a braai (cook out) last night and are ready to get this years training going.

Happy New Year. Cheers.



Tim said...

Happy New Year brother! (Our New Year's Eve was spent quietly at home, too.)

Christie said...

Happy New year to my two favorite red heads. much love