Monday, February 05, 2007

Oh, That Sucks.

Yesterday one of the greatest things in my life happened yesterday, then got shot to crap. I was working in my office at home on my sermon for last night, my feet were propped up on my desk, I had a cup on nice coffee, I was reading Exodus and the dogs were laying on the floor by my chair. Then they started playing and wrestling, which is norman, and then something went wrong. The next thing I know Damar is crying and screaming like I have never heard before. So we took Damar to the vet and found that Guinness accidently broke Damar's back leg around the knee area. The vet couldn't do anything about it and the animal hospitals were closed because it was Sunday so we had to comfort a puppy with a broken leg all night. Poor girl. She is off to the hospital now with Ray. I hope it turns out well and that it doesn't cost too much money.

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