Thursday, February 08, 2007


I taught a class the other day on spiritual disciplines and when we spoke about service something cool happened. Usually when I speak with people about serving others there is always a feeling of us serving them. I dont think this is healthy, but in the situations that I have been in it has been like that. Like, my youth group from Tallahassee, FL driving to Mexico to help work in a village. One of the guys of team is named Pule (poo-lay) and he was saying how he used to live in a shelter and have groups like ours come in and bring them food or clothes and how it was nice to get stuff, but once he wanted to know what it was like to give stuff and help people. So he and a couple of his friends took the stuff that was given to them and took it to some kids that were living on the street. He was saying how it blessed him so much to help someone when he was always the one getting help. Its cool to see a guy who doesnt have much at all trying to help others because he understands they need help. I wish I could be more like Pule. Cheers.


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