Sunday, May 20, 2007

4th Week.

We are in Roodeport this week, its a suburb of Johannesburg, and I think it is going to go well. The hall that we are showing in is small, but i think its going to be a great week. Our contact people are really nice and helpful which is a great start to the week.

Last week we were in Polokwane and the week was fantastic. There were almost 500 people at all the shows and a lot of people were touched by our shows. It was a great week.

Our host family this week is also cool, I just finished hanging out with them and Ray and I have our own room with our own en suite bathroom. Cool baby. There's also a nice sitting area in our room with a couch and chair. Its flippin nice.

Cheers homies, keep it pimped out on hiz fo' shiz.


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