Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weather Update.

I blogged this morning about the cold weather in Jo'burg. When I wrote it was cold, but the promise of warmer temps through the day made it ok. Well, it got colder as the day went on and as I stated before there is no heat in the buildings. So we did a show tonight in a small hall with probably 100-150 people wrapped up in coats and hats (due to the freezing air [I am amazed anyone came at all]) while the band was nice and bundled on our little band scaff thing and the dancers froze in their t-shirts and other costuming.

My bass strings were like ice, but our rock was warm as the blood that flows through my beating heart, or whatever. Cheers.



SouthAsiaRocks said...

you guys want some heat?? We can pass some your way :) It was 115 today :) Keep rockin out on the bass :)
- bassbabe :)

Alycia Lee said...

I heard it snowed. You poor babies. It is baking in London, heck we even braaied. Take that sucker!