Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ray got her ticket for our trip to America at the end of this month. We have been down in sponsorship several hundred dollars each month so we don't have the money now for my ticket. If you would like to help me come home to see family and my sister in laws wedding please email me. This is a issue that Ray and I need prayer for. We are struggling in our attitude toward our ministry right now. Not ministry as in our job (thats going well, we love our job), but why we are always just making it finacially and when we get ahead a little we loose support. It has happened for the past 6 years this way and I don't understand it. Please pray for our contentment and attitudes. Thanks.


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Alycia said...

My heart is with you on the ministry & money issue. It just sucks that we put ourselves out there to help others and everyone is long on wordy encouragements but short on the resources to support your efforts. I wish there were another way.

Love and miss you!