Saturday, September 22, 2007


Guinness hugging Marisa

We love our dogs. They are a part of our household. We Got Guinness, the black one, when we first got here, she has been with us this whole time in SA. Damar, obviously the other one, we purchased earlier this year as a friend for Guinness.

The issue we are facing now is what to do with them when we move to AZ. We want to ship them over so badly. We don't think that we can find a great home for them here. They are extremely spoiled with love and they aren't the same when we are on tour, they really love us. I always thought dogs were dumb, but I see the emotion these dogs have, its silly sometimes actually.
The only reason we wouldn't take them with us is money. It's about $4000 to fly them to America. Thats a fortune for us. If we were rich it wouldn't be an issue, however we are not.

On the other hand, we don't want to leave them because they are super attached to us. Plus people hear don't really take care of their dogs well. They don't let them sleep inside and many people only feed them table scraps. I just would feel that leaving them with bad owners would be not living up to my responsibility as a dog owner. Rach thinks they would die from grief, maybe its true.

What to do? What to do?

We need advice. Whats your thoughts on this matter. Its a lot of money, but they are a part of our family. Please let me know what you think. I need help. Cheers.


Ray on the couch with Damar.

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Amy Hunt said...

If you can find a rich sponsor or maybe a foster home until you save up the money, I say take them with you. Of course, my dogs are no more than 25 lbs. each. And I have no plans of moving to a different country. But dogs are emotionally resilient. That's what the trainers told us in obedience school anyway. As much as I'd like to think that Stella & Roxy wouldn't make it without me, I have to remember that they will. And that after a few weeks without me, they'd be fine. Harsh reality, but true. If you could find a good home there, I'd go for that option. It's best for the girls. But I grieve with you. We adopted a puppy who ended up having parvo and we had her put down after having her for only 2 days. When we handed her over, Monte and I both were blubbering and so distraught. So I feel ya to an extent. Good luck in your decision making. Maybe Martin & Jani could trade with you?